Did you know companies having a sales playbook perform 33% better than others? But, unfortunately, almost 50% of the sales teams don’t have a playbook. A B2B sales playbook is not a simple sale sheet rather it helps the salesperson combat major challenges and improves B2B sales. If you want your sales team to be optimally efficient, you must invest time and money in creating a B2B sales playbook. In this blog post, we are sharing the key elements of a B2B sales playbook.

  1. Company Info: the B2B sales strategy playbook should include all the basic information about your business. People often neglect it assuming that people already know the basic things of the business. However, it should be more detailed. Some of the important things that you should mention are your mission and values, sales strategy, organization chart, training process, and clearly defined roles & responsibilities.
  2. Overview of Products and Pricing: the extensive knowledge of your products and services is crucial for a good B2B sales strategy. It should cover the areas like products & services you offer, their working, the challenge they solve, and how you are better than your competitors. You can also include pricing strategies and different packages in this section.
  3. Compensation Packages: a well-detailed and transparent compensation structure is important for the B2B sales playbook. Most sales positions are based on base salary and a commission structure. The compensation package motivates the sales team to work harder, so it is better to let them know about it to avoid any confusion.
  4. Sales Methodologies: it is a road map that helps the sales team understand the sales process according to the needs of your buyers and the goals of the company. If you want your salespersons to know their role and the right way of selling professional services, define your sales methodology, sales principles, and best practices in this section.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

    B2B Sales Playbook
    B2B Sales Playbook
  5. Sales Process: thorough knowledge of the sales process is crucial as it increases the chances of closing the deal. So, this section of the playbook should equip the sales team with everything they need in various sales stages like prospecting stage, lead qualification & nurturing, and closing the sale.
  6. Ideal Customers: the next important thing is creating a detailed buyer persona to thoroughly review the target audience. This section should include company size, industry type, and geographic location, details of decision-makers, solution requirements, pain points, and goals. It will help your salesperson to deal with the clients and answer all their queries.
  7. Available Sales Tools: introducing the sales team with sales plays and sales tools is important. Most salespersons are familiar with sales tech tools, but it is better to tell them about CRMs and project management apps.
  8. Key Performance Indicators: it is all about the metrics that you will use to measure the performance of your team. It may include the average deal size, time to close, and the number of generated qualified leads. Mention your expectation so that the sales team knows about their key performance indicators
  9. Messaging: the messaging section should include various things that your salesperson should say to the clients. Some of the essential things of the messaging section are script related to your brand, value proposition, elements such as elevator pitch, handling the objection, and appropriate responses.

The Final Word

Although the sales playbook should be customized according to your business needs, these are some common elements. In addition, you can also count on the sales playbook of Company Expert. It is a framework and collection of best practices for salespersons with a systematic approach to selling across your organization. So, take the help of this exceptional product to create a sales playbook for your firm.