We all know purchasing a new car is expensive and on the other hand, buying a used Subaru car is quite pocket friendly. Reports state that over 40 million used cars are sold every year which overtakes new car sales. Once you know what you want and why used cars are the better option for you, you can easily purchase a used Subaru car. However, you should make sure to ask the following things before buying a used Subaru car.

Ask if the vehicle is a certified pre-owned Subaru

Certified pre-owned Subaru cars are certified cars which were earlier owned by someone and now are available in Subaru’s inventory. These certified pre-owned cars have more assurance and guarantees than other types of cars because these pre-owned Subaru cars are inspected and repaired to comply with the standards.

Ask about the warranty of the car

This question is important to ask when analyzing the price for the car. Certified pre-owned Subaru cars come with a six year warranty period and roadside assistance.

Ask about the history report of the car

Check the history of the car if it had been involved in any kind of accidents or suffered damages. Look into the car’s history in AutoCheck & CarFax reports.

Check with the staff about how many owners used this car

If you want to use a car that has only one owner earlier, you must check the car’s service history reports. Check the car’s history in CarFax or AutoCheck reports to find out how many owners used this car.

Ask about documented issues with the car

Analyze the car closely to inspect the exterior and identify any defects, color or any scratches. Mismatch in the color coating can indicate that the car has been repaired earlier. Also, check if any part is registered on the certificate or not.