As a new mom adjusting with the change in your body after childbirth, choosing the right clothes to wear can feel like a struggle. This is true especially when you are looking for a balance between comfort and fashion. Thankfully, maternity fashion has come a long way from the dull, loose clothes that were dubbed as “maternity wear” back in the day. Today, we have well-designed maternity wear dresses that are designed keeping comfort and aesthetics in mind.

So, when it comes to maternity fashion, what exactly are new mothers looking for? Let’s explore.

They are looking for clothes that fit perfectly

Good clothes are all about fitting perfectly. No matter how beautiful the fabric or the print is, if the clothing doesn’t fit well, it fails to impress. Finding the perfect fit is challenging for new mothers because their bodies are still coping with the change after childbirth.

maternity and nursing bras

A new mother can still have some loose skin around the belly and her lactating breasts also go through changes in size in shape. Maternity wear dresses that take care of these physical changes are what you need during this time. Maternity bras are a must-have to support the breasts. However, you also need to choose maternity wear tops and maternity wear dresses that are made from stretchable fabrics. Such fabrics ensure that the clothes fit well but are also able to accommodate the changes in your body.

They are looking for comfort

A new mother craves for comfort. The long nursing sessions, sleepless nights, and the endless chores keep her wanting comfort in small things. Clothes play a big part in making you feel comfortable. This is why, you should go for soft and gentle fabrics that feel light and comfortable. Choosing breathable fabrics is a good idea since they are lightweight and work well for all weathers.

maternity wear dresses

Another thing to keep in mind is the functionality of maternity wear dresses. Go for cuts and patterns that work well for you. For example, if wearing a tank top makes you feel more comfortable, you can choose to wear a nursing camisole instead of nursing bras. Similarly, if your style is more conservative, you can choose longer maternity wear dresses.

They are looking for a variety

Wearing the same kind of clothes every day can be boring. This is why new mothers seek some variety in the maternity clothes they wear. The best way to introduce more variety is to mix and match your outfits. If you pick up a few different maternity wear tops and pair them with some basic maternity bottoms, you can have multiple outfits and create different looks very easily.

maternity wear tops

You can choose comfortable maternity wear tops that let you nurse conveniently. Pair them with maternity bottoms such as a maternity skirt, trendy maternity shorts, or the super-comfortable maternity leggings.

maternity bottoms

They are looking for practical maternity wear

The most important part of maternity wear clothes is to help new mothers feel better and carry on with their daily tasks easily. This means maternity wear dresses that let you breastfeed comfortably both indoors and outdoors. It also means practical clothing that can be layered and worn both for casual outings and for more formal settings. So make sure to pick up a few good options to work for you for all occasions.

In conclusion

Good maternity wear can really make your life a little more easier as you navigate the challenges of being a new mother. So take your time understanding the different options available in maternity wear dresses and maternity bras to make the perfect choice. Also, ensure that you measure yourself properly to get the perfect fit.

Don’t let the struggles of new motherhood hold you down, mummy! Put your best fashion foot forward!