Wool carpets made in Flokati have endured the test of time. Flokati Rug NZ were weaved using only pure lambswool and were widely utilized by the Greeks in the Pindos mountain region. The historic designs still have a lot of traction today.


An excellent flokati area rug could be the finishing touch you need in that specific room, regardless of your eclectic or modern taste. A good investment, flokati carpets offer timeless quality and richness. These luxurious and exotic rugs will serve as the room’s center point.

Making Of Flokati Wool Rugs


These rugs should largely be made of pure wool, especially New Zealand wool, regarded as the best wool in the world. Due to their high-end purity and richness, flokati carpets have been a part of Greek customs for ages. The wool is first spun into threads using spindles to begin the manufacturing process.


The thread must first undergo a thorough wash under high pressure to eliminate undesired objects. A good wash also makes the yarn fluffier than typical wool heaps. In the past, cleaning and shrinking the mound required working beneath waterfalls for around 40 hours. Today, we have the sophisticated gear to do the task.


However, a Flokati Rug NZ should ideally be constructed from yarn that is just 100% pure wool. However, different nations have varied methods of creating it, utilizing various available resources or keeping costs low for everyone.

How Should I Clean My Flokati Rug?


A rug must be cleaned or washed regularly. Your carpet will last longer if you regularly clean it and will also seem neater. Typically, high-pressure water is used to wash these carpets completely. The rug may be cleaned by pressure washing to eliminate all extraneous materials. The rug was carefully placed under a waterfall for about two days to cleanse it and to make the pile fluffier.


Doing so lets out the real features of a real fluffy Flokati Rug NZ. Fortunately, it is easy to wash these rugs yourself at home. To do so, use the mildest wool soap or an excellent mild shampoo with cold water. Use a soft bristle washing brush to remove any stubborn stains. A cleanser with dense chemical ingredients can damage the fibers of the rug.



These carpets have complex designs that are difficult to explain. Even though Flokati Rug NZ is used to make flokati wool rugs, other nations combine them with other types of readily accessible fiber. Flokati wool rugs come in various fibers, making them accessible to all socioeconomic classes.