What is Large Format Printing

In a definition, large format printing is the technique of printing digitally created artwork onto large-sized surfaces. Large format printing is an excellent visual medium that can propel any company to new heights. Many features of large format printing, however, are still unknown to the general public. Large format format printing, also known as wide format printing or big format printing, is the process of printing graphics that are too large to be printed using standard printers. Although there is no formal definition of large format printing, any image that is at 24 inches wide can be termed a large format printing product.


Large format printing will give you with a high-impact advertising medium, with images that are crisp and sharp enough to be seen from a distance. This will improve brand awareness, and potential consumers will be able to view all of your company’s key information, as well as any discounts and promotions you may be giving. It’s an efficient technique to get the attention of viewers, and you’ll stand out from the throng.

This printing method allows you to print only what you need, so you are not need to print in bulk. This eliminates any unnecessary waste, and you will not only receive the correct number but also high-quality photographs that are long-lasting. Large format printing may be used both indoors and outdoors, it produce high-quality printing  that can endure a range of weather conditions.  Finally, the cost is a significant benefit because large format printing is a low-cost marketing tool that every firm can afford.


Choosing the correct ink and medium for your large format advertising material might be challenging. Businesses frequently try to save money by using low-cost materials and ink without considering whether or not it would fit your goal. Paper and ink must be compatible otherwise the entire project will go wrong. Large size printing has a special function that  is not an adaptable marketing instrument. It could be a waste of time for your business if billboards, hoardings, banners, or giant posters are not what you’re seeking for to promote your brand.

Types of Large Format Printing


Solvent inkjet printers are an excellent choice for creating exterior graphics. They are long-lasting and adaptable, and they provide unrivalled durability. However, experts consider these printers to be harmful owing to the ink fumes they emit, necessitating the installation of appropriate ventilation. There are a variety of eco-solvent inkjet printers on the market. Solvent inkjet printers are not suitable for office usage due to the fume hazard, but rather for plant installation. However, one advantage of these printers over aqueous inkjet printers is their lower cost. Solvent inkjet printers also print on less expensive medium, which is why the signs sector has continued to invest in them.

Aqueous Inkjet

These are the most prevalent types of wide format printers available on the market. Water is the carrier component of ink used in aqueous inkjet printing devices, as the name implies. These printers are suitable for printing both outdoor and interior materials. By laminating their posters, advertisers may extend the lifetime of their posters based on their requirements. Fine art, photographic printing, graphic design, trade show printing, and prepress proofing are all dominated by aqueous printers. The only advantage of aqueous printers is their ease of usage.

UV–Based Flatbed

Another new large format printing technology is UV-curable flatbed printers. The ink drying mechanism in UV-based flatbed printers appears to be distinct from that employed in solvent-based inkjet printing. Ultraviolet rays are used in these printers to heat the curable ink, causing it to solidify on the print paper or sheet. UV-based flatbed printers have several characteristics with solvent inkjet printers, however their inks are less costly than those used in aqueous inkjet printers. Advertisers may print long-lasting outdoor pictures without lamination using UV-based flatbed printers.

Dye Sublimation

These printers employ a dye transfer printing technology that allows dye to be transferred onto the print roll or sheet, textiles, plastic, coloured perspex, or cards. The only benefit of dye-sublimation printers is that prints dry immediately after printing. It is a digital printing method that can print any colour artwork on polymer goods and polyester-coated surfaces. Dye sublimation printers are also used to print banners, signage, and decorate clothes, tea mugs, plaques, and cell phone covers. These printers employ the science of sublimation, in which pressure and heat are applied to solid ink in a process that does not go through the liquid phase.


These printers are excellent for developing long-lasting outdoor and indoor printing applications. Latex printers employ resin-based and latex inks, which are the most recent ink advances in the large format printing industry. The water-based formulation of resin-based and latex inks, on the other hand, reduces the environmental effect of printing. Because latex inks are water-based, further ventilation is not required. Graphics created on latex printers are more durable and of higher quality than graphics generated on solvent inkjet printers. Latex printers can print on nearly any medium that solvent inkjet printers can. Their prices are very competitive, and they are continuing to reduce as marketers and other businesses embrace this new printing medium.

Popular Uses of Large Format Printing


Large format printing is ideal for banners since it can print 36″ and 48″ wide and up to 100′ long. Have a huge banner made and hang it from a tree or set up some temporary poles if you’re having a workplace picnic and want to display your brand and contact information. Alternatively, you might put up a temporary banner in your shop to assist spread the news.

Trade Show Displays

At trade exhibitions, you want your booth to be noticeable and appealing. Using large format printed material can assist you in creating a booth that will capture the attention of trade show guests and generate talk about your product. You may make bright wall graphics and pop up displays that display the brand and graphics, or you can print a table cloth to exhibit your goods on.

Canvas Prints

Bridal and anniversary images look stunning when printed on canvas using a large format printer. Instead of being limited by the dimensions of a normal photo frame, print as large as you like and wrap it around a custom size wooden frame for amazing results.

Wall Stickers

Do you have a bare wall in your house or office? Use wall decals to spruce things up. Printing vinyl wall decals using a large format printer allows you to often modify the look of an area. Print a huge cutout of your favourite sports figure or a catchy image to promote a sale or closeout item. The message or product you are selling may be simply changed by rearranging wall decals.

Static Window Clings

To persuade passersby to enter your store, use static window clings. Window space is typically huge, therefore choose the size that a large format printer can print to cover as much area as possible. You may remove the cling without harming the glass after your sales drive or event.


A large format printer is a very adaptable piece of equipment. With all of the advancements in ink and paper technology, these machines can print any project you can dream of. Pressure-sensitive adhesive backed vinyl, exceptionally durable banner vinyl, canvas for office or home decor, roll-up banners for trade exhibitions and other professional settings, self-adhesive window vinyl, backlit display film, and many other alternatives are available. Our devices may also be used to print directly on wood, metal, leather, and a range of other materials.