Reasons for divorce

As an idea, marriage is a beautiful to sound but its demise carries with it a heavy price. Only if you maintain the sanctity of your relationship and are willing to work on it with your partner can it work. Unwillingness and callousness towards your marriage leads to divorce and this can get ugly. In recent times, divorce rates have gone way high and there are several reasons  why marriages come to an end.

Incompatible Couple

When a couple cite irreconcilable differences to mean the end of their marriage, it basically means what is the level of incompatibility. You may be poles apart and unwilling to come to a midpoint or you can grow apart. There could be several reasons- differing values, problems in sex life, religious differences or growth of a person who wants to be independent.

Bad Communication

Miscommunication causes most fights, arguments and divorces. If family issues and financial burdens are not discussed, they can cause separation and divorce.

A married partner cannot accept his spouse being unfaithful. When this happens in a marriage, you may not expect the other partner to understand.  Unhappiness in your marriage is due to a missing puzzle which should be worked on and if you cheat, it can end. Mind the extramarital affairs in a marriage, which can lead to divorces.

Substance abuse in a marriage

If you abuse alcohol, drugs or any other substance this can cause a divorce. Not just your  mood swings, behavior, sleep pattern, appetite, but also family responsibilities, friends and connections, money and memory can be negatively affected.

Bad vibes from a partner can ruin a marriage.  Your partner’s family or your partner may interfere in how you live, how you bring up your child or so on, and thus things become ugly when people do file for divorce in such a scenario. 

Break down in marriage

Communication is the crux of any relationship. Money disagreements, commitment issues and a breakdown of communication can all lead to divorce. Both partners may confront each other with an unproductive argument and growing resentment. 

No intimacy left in a marriage

A study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy noted that nearly half of recently divorced participants cited a lack of love or intimacy as why they separated. It’s not just a big betrayal, you may grow apart and lose your romantic feelings and thus your marriage can end. 


A dormant sex life is also a reason for divorce. While there’s nothing shameful about a dry spell, but an absence of physical affection—sex in the bed and long bear hugs included—can lead to a severe disconnect. 

Many people feel misunderstood and unheard in a marriage. They may have full and exciting personal lives, but they may feel like they’re no longer functioning as a unit with their spouse, and this could be because their priorities for the future have shifted or they realize they simply don’t have that much in common with their partners anymore. This disconnect and loneliness could be why they divorce.