We have often heard doctors suggest a replacement surgery, but the replacement surgery only is recommended considering the factors of age, the level of the deterioration of the organ, the history of medical illness, and the patient’s response to medicines. But it is important to understand that organ replacement is a major surgery and is not just a verdict that is pronounced just like that. The organ replacement only happens after scrutiny of the patient’s body and after a routine period of tests that are conducted by certified professionals.

But something as vital as the brain can be replaced too, is it fatal does it affect the way a man thinks and perceives things around the way it is shown in movies? We will discuss all the points in the article mentioned below but before that let us understand what all things are to be kept in mind before an organ transplant surgery.

Factors to keep in mind before an organ transplant surgery 

  1. The constituency of the blood type:  The constituent factors of the blood and tissue type tend to be detrimental factors that may prove to be fatal to the patient’s life and body in general. A very popular Neurologist in Ludhiana explains “ When it comes to brain-related surgeries even the slightest factor like the exposure to electronic gadgets and the patient’s general lifestyle over the past course of his .her lifetime is taken into account to ascertain and arrive whether at all a brain transplant is necessary or not. 
  2. Degree of deterioration: Organ transplant is not child’s play it is pressurizing not just for the family members of the patient but also for the people who are involved in the operation any minor deviations in the surgery can lead to severe injuries and uncalled-for circumstances that may even lead to death. 


What happens in a brain transplant surgery?? 

A brain transplant is a procedure in which the patient’s brain is surgically removed and then planted with the brain of another person that belongs to another person, please do not this is done after scrutiny of all the inherent biological factors of both the patient and the donor. 

When is a brain transplant surgery recommended??

A brain transplant though has been a major controversial topic in the past has been only diagnosed under the two following circumstances – one being in which the person is suffering from a terminal disease of the brain and the stages of deterioration are far quite advanced and secondly, the person should be declared brain dead by a certified neurologist after a repeated series of tests and scans.

Brain dead as explained by an experienced and one of the Best Neurologist in Punjab “Braindead refers to the brain being permanently inactive concerning the basic bodily functions of the body. The body cannot perform any basic functions like breathing, respiration, digestion, etc without any kind of life support. I have seen cases where people are unable to afford life support for a long time, and the last thing they do is remove the life support from the person’s body. Though brain transplants may not reach a stage of advancement we all can hope for some good news soon.”