A wine tour is a guided excursion of vineyards, wineries, and other wine-related points of interest in a particular region. Typically, these tours are operated by a specialized company or group that provides transportation to and from various locations. Wine touring began with early pioneers such as the Romans and medieval monks who discovered wineries as the best place to drink wine was where it was made.

What Will You Get in A Wine Tour?

Wine tour shows allow you to experience some of the most amazing wines right at their point of origin. All you have to do is book your tour and tell your preferences, and you will get a customized wine tour that will suit your needs and budget. Of course, you can add on lunch, transportation, or accommodation when you book, too; it’s all about creating the perfect vacation for you.

·   Experienced Tour Guide – you will get a tour guide with detailed knowledge of the region and wine.

·   Navigational Expertise – you can expect Barossa Valley Wine Tours to be well-planned with essential navigation, especially in terrain, road, or poor weather conditions.

·   Professionalism – you can expect professionalism from these tours as they are experienced and qualified to handle them and are insured for such events, so you can rest assured that all is taken care of for you during your wine tour.

·   Unique Experiences – you will never see these places so close to you, and the fact that they are all local makes them even more special.

You will visit small villages and wineries that are family-owned and family-run to preserve the passion, dedication, and pride they have for their wines.

How Does a Wine Tour Works?

Different wine tours are available to suit the preferences of their customers. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose to have a private tour or join a group tour. For example, if you want to travel with someone who has similar interests and does not mind sharing a room, this is ideal for you since the transportation cost is minimized since two people share it.

Keeping in mind the details you want to go for your wine tour, like having lunch along the way or staying overnight at one of the wineries, add on to your bill, but if you leave it up to them, they will take care of all your needs.

Tips For Successful Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is always a fun activity, and it helps if you know something about wine so that your experience can be even better, even if it’s just being able to pair wines with food or knowing more about where the grapes came from whatnot. Follow these tips to have a better experience on your next wine tour with Taste The Barossa:

  •   Have a good sense of smell rather than just smelling out smells in wines, as this may indicate that the wine doesn’t taste good or may not be at its peak aroma and flavor.
  •   Drink wine with food to give a better and richer experience.
  •   Be nice while tasting as you don’t want to insult the person who made it, especially if he is from the region you have visited.
  •   Most importantly, be open-minded in your choices and try out new things.

For wine tasting, think about how you would react when you drink the wine. For example, do you like it? Do you prefer it to a red or blue one, or does it taste too artificial? You should ask them what they think before drinking so that they can give an objective opinion of your choice.