Admiralty Brass Tubes are suitable for heat exchanger tubes. This alloy is frequently used in oil and gas applications because it has non-corrosive characteristics and is typically produced to order to fulfil engineering specifications.

Admiralty Brass, sometimes known as arsenical brass, is an alloy of copper with trace amounts of tin and arsenic. These admiralty brasses are renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance in clean saltwater, mildly dirty river water, and oil and gas systems.

Characteristics Of Admiralty Brass Tubes for Evaporators 

Due to their outstanding heat transmission properties, Admiralty Brass Tubes for Evaporators and Coolers are utilized in heat exchangers and condensers. Other qualities include great ductility and toughness, outstanding machinability and formability, ease of bending, impact, compression, and tensile strength. Additionally, it is tarnish-resistant. It is suited for use in heat exchangers in oil refineries, evaporators, generators, and air conditioners since it can function at greater temperatures.

Admiralty Brass Tubes for Evaporators and Coolers with the assistance of a seasoned production setup with highly automated modern technologies and machinery, precise and accurate tools and equipment, an excellent and skilled workforce having guidance from a skilled team of engineers and subject-matter experts Our entire staff is committed to producing Admiralty Brass Tubes for Evaporators and Coolers and other items with the highest degree of quality and precision.

Applications Of Admiralty Brass Tubes

There are many uses for Admiralty Brass Tubes for Evaporators and Coolers in a wide range of industries. Admiralty Brass Tubes for Evaporators and Coolers are produced by us in different sizes, forms, and specifications following international standards. We also export and offer these products. Our product is sold on a big global market.

Different Types of Admiralty Brass Tubes

Admiralty Brass Square Tube For Evaporators

 Tubes For Coolers

Tubing For Evaporators Supplier

 Tubes For Coolers Stockholder

 Tube Heat Exchanger For Evaporators

Heat Exchangers Tubing For Coolers

Rectangular Tubing For Evaporators