Tattoos are modern-day symbols of belonging, heritage, and identity. People get them on their arms, necks, legs, and backs, and many wear them as a form of outward memento of some emotional or mental event in their lives.

From personal experience, I can tell you that they represent the love of friends, the reminder of old loves, the awareness of a lost dream, or the hope for new dreams. Tattoos are a manifestation of a person’s soul. Some people feel more comfortable tattooing each other as if it is a form of taking care of one another.

Whether you are thinking about getting a tattoo, or just want to see a large selection of tattoo ideas, there are millions of tattoo inspiration images on the internet that can help you build your tattoo image, and be inspired to add a personal touch to your body art. There are many different tattoo styles from wild and bizarre designs, to those featuring a portrait or simple, elegant lines.

Many tattoos are made using stencils, and some tattoo artists prefer to work from pictures. There are also hundreds of YouTube channels and websites dedicated to tattoos, so there are thousands of great examples to get inspiration from. Below I have provided you with a variety of different types of tattoos that can help you personalize your design for any purpose.

Circles, Squares, and Angles

There are a couple of different types of Cool Simple tattoo Styles that you might consider; they can be used to draw inspiration from nature, as a reminder of the places that you love, to emphasize special occasions and events, and also as a decorative outline. Many of the designs are printed on tattoos and can even be painted over with a decal if you want.

A square tattoo is often the first choice of many people who don’t want the fierceness of a dot or letter. They are also an opportunity to try out your creativity and incorporate your favorite colors or patterns. Squares are also a good way to include some symmetry in the design.

Triangles can be used to represent yourself, your family, or your passions. They can also be incorporated in place of hearts in designs to highlight the heart in a meaningful way. It can be a bit more technical and will require using stencils.

Characters and Faces

One of the most popular tattoo designs is a tattoo of a name or likeness. Many celebrities have gone under the needle to acquire such a design. Stars such as David Beckham, Ricky Martin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all have tattoos featuring their own names. Characters are popular, too, such as Sam Rockwell’s Darth Vader or Daniel Radcliffe’s Voldemort. A lowercase ‘d’ is just as cool, right?

The details and tone of the tattoo often dictate the size of the character. A bigger one can be used to imply size, strength, or power. A small ‘d’ can suggest determination, or a small one can be used to emphasize something. A font size of 1.5 means a lowercase ‘d’, for example, is the size of a small font of an ‘a’. So if you have an ‘e’ tattoo, use a font size of 1.5. I have seen very large ‘d’s, as well. Some people love the idea of tattooing a character in the sky, but it is not very practical in large areas.

If you want a character, but want to avoid a caricature look, there are many different shapes and styles to choose from. In addition, most characters can be incorporated into a more general design, as long as it is representative of the character’s traits. The size of the character in relation to the design is also an important aspect.
The sun is a popular symbol of sunlight, and is sometimes referred to as “the totem pole of tattoos.” It is a beautiful design that people often get in memory of someone who has passed on. The sun design is often used to represent strength and friendship.

Ending Words

All of these tattoo ideas can be made with stencils or with a simple design and can range from a one-time experience to a full tattoo. But regardless of whether you get a single tattoo or a large collection of tattoos, you can have some fun trying some ideas out.

Leave a comment below to let me know which tattoo you think is the coolest and most original one that you have seen. Please be sure to follow this blog to receive more new tattoo-related posts in the future.