What is the Admission Process of BMS Law College


Bhusanayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah Law College is one of the most reputed law colleges in India. It has a good reputation for producing brilliant lawyers and judges. The admission process is also quite simple. In this post, we will talk about the admission process of BMS Law College, what are the course duration and eligibility criteria, fees structure, placement details, etc.

Is BMS College good for Law?

Yes, BMS Law College is a good college for law. It has a good reputation and faculty, along with excellent infrastructure to ensure that students get the best possible education at their disposal. In fact, according to many students who have gone through the process of applying to this college, it’s one of the best colleges in Bangalore to provide quality education.

However, there are some things you should know before deciding if you want to apply here:

  • The admission process takes time it can take up to two months (and sometimes more) before your application is processed by the BMS College administration team.*

Is the course in BMS Law worth it?

The course at BMS Law College is a good one to study law. The course has been consistently rated as one of the best colleges in Bangalore, so you know it’s going to be worth your time and money.

The college has a good placement record, which can be seen from the fact that many graduates from BMS Law have gone on to become successful lawyers and judges all over India. This shows that their teaching methods work well and are effective in getting students prepared for life after graduation.

BMS Law College Courses

BMS Law College offers a 4-year integrated law course equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The first year is an undergraduate program and the remaining three years are integrated courses that include professional subjects such as taxation, corporate law, and commercial law. Courses available below:

  • B. Com. LLB
  • BA LLB
  • LLB

BMS Law College also offers 2-year LLM (master of laws) programs in different areas such as international business law & trade agreements; intellectual property rights & media rights; trademark & design protection; competition policy/antitrust issues, etc.

What is the BMS Law Course duration?

The BMS Law Course duration is 5 years. The first 2 years are spent in the study of basic laws and legal philosophy, followed by 3 years of specialization which includes constitutional law, criminal law, information technology, and human rights. After this, students can spend one year as interns at companies or government agencies before they apply for admission to their respective courses.

BMS Law College is affiliated with Karnataka State Law University (KSLU). This means that if you want to become a practicing lawyer after completing your degree at BMS Law College you need to pass an entrance exam called KSLU Entrance Examination conducted by KSLU itself for them to admit you into their program whereupon once admitted there will be no further requirements other than paying tuition fees until graduation day when all students must sit down together face-to-face with professors who will assess how well each student has learned during his/her time here thus deciding whether or not they should be allowed further studies within KSLU’s halls;

What are the BMS Law Eligibility Criteria?

The minimum cut-off for BMS Law College is 80% and it has a total of 2,500 seats.

The admission process of BMS Law College has been made very simple by the college authorities and you can apply for it with just one application form.

Many students have applied for this college but were rejected due to wrong answers on their exams or because they were not able to fulfill all the criteria required by this institution

How is the admission process at BMS Law College Bangalore?

The admission process of BMS Law College Bangalore is done in a single stage. Applicants are selected based on their performance in the entrance exam conducted by the college. The exam is followed by an interview which helps to decide your preference for different courses offered by BMS Law College Bangalore.

The exams are conducted every year in March and April. The results of the entrance exam are declared within a week after the completion of the examination. Candidates who have passed the entrance test are invited for an interview which is held at BMS Law College Bangalore campus.

Fee structure and Placements Details

BMS Law College Fee Structure

The admission process for the students will be done online as well as offline mode. The fees of admission can be paid either online or offline mode by using a credit card or debit card. The fees are as follows:

  • Rs. 7500/- per year (Rs 28000/-) for SC/ST/OBC candidates and Rs 8000/- per year (Rs 30000/-) for Non-Resident Indians (NRI). In addition, there is an additional fee of Rs 1000/- which has to be paid by all candidates applying under the ‘Special Category’ category will be deposited in advance before starting any course of study at BMS Law College, Bangalore


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