According to the Government, surrogacy is legal in Canada. However, there’re a few restrictions in place – making it a confusing destination amongst the international intended couples. The most alluring way is the lifestyle and title of people living with the highest happiness index? This is the main reason, a good number of intended parents look for surrogacy clinics in Canada. Here, the Altruistic arrangement is the only option. In simple words, IPs is not allowed to pay any extra monetary compensation to the surrogate mother to carry the baby through this process. They are required to reimburse the total amount spent by the surrogate mother towards the cost of this procedure.

surrogacy agency in Canada
surrogacy agency in Canada

Women, who are ready to continue the journey of pregnancy for others don’t get any extra money for the program. The Intended parents are advised to go through all the facts and guidelines in advance prior to getting along with a surrogacy program or service. You may have to shell out in between $85,000 CAD and $90,000 CAD for surrogacy.

What Is the Status of Surrogacy for Same Sex Couples in Canada?

The Canadian government has passed the, “All Families Are Equal” act as the Ontario Law duly provides the legal status to all the intended parents irrespective of their sexual orientation. In this way, same sex couples can get the benefits of this process to fulfill their desire of growing family. However, adoption process is the first step for them to realize their parenthood dreams.

  • You as intended parents with the surrogacy process would bring a lot of challenges and risk for the duration of the process.
  • In this way, staying aware about all of those challenges in advanced would help you in keeping it up with them with utmost ease.
  • Fertility clinics are required to sign agreement between intended parents and the surrogate mother before the commencement of the embryo transfer process.
  • According to the Ontario Parentage legislation, the same agreement will be used as a proof that the intended parents or childless couples are the legal parents of the future child.
  • The intended parents are required to ensure that the same agreement carries all the required details of their needs and expectations from the surrogate other for the duration of this program.

Find the Best Surrogacy Agency in Canada by Adopting the Right Mode of Search

The most crucial thing for successful procedure is to find the best surrogacy agency in Canada. For this, you need to adopt the right mode of search. Go online and it will be the right way of enhancing your experience. You’ll find a number of top names in this domain offering you the right solutions. Go online and it will be the right option for you to find a number of top names in this domain. Check all details, know about the procedure, and get the right solutions. It will be better to join counseling session before you step in the procedure. It will clear your doubts and provide you with complete peace of mind.

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