Backed by a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge, employment lawyers know how to navigate the complexities and issues that employees and employers face in New Zealand. Employment lawyers in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, and other NZ cities provide strategic, cost-effective legal advice, ensuring that every business maintains just treatment and conditions at the workplace.

This article lists the most helpful services an employment law firm offers workers and company owners.

Employment Lawyer Expertise and Services to Rely On

The complex legalities of employment relations are what employment lawyers specialise in. Employers and workers alike rely on the services of lawyers specialised in this field. Below, we list a variety of the services provided by employment law specialists.

Legal Consultations

Employment lawyers conduct consultations that help employees know more about their rights, especially laws that apply to their cases.

Labour lawyers present options, such as litigation, negotiation, or mediation, depending on what’s best for the client.

These legal experts may also educate employees on their rights, roles, and responsibilities when forming and running a union.

Labour Laws Compliance

Employers can also rely on the legal services of employment lawyers to help their company comply with the requirements stated in the country’s labour code. Aside from processing and completing the necessary paperwork, these lawyers also help company owners navigate industry-specific obligations when starting a company or operating one.

Complaints and Litigation

Employment lawyers assist employees when filing complaints against their employer or pursuing a case against their company. Some grounds of these cases include wrongful termination, discrimination based on race, gender, or age, and denial of benefits. Employment lawyers also handle cases that concern wage and hour claims due to companies refusing to honour compensation or overtime pay.

They also provide legal assistance to employers against employee violations, such as breaking confidentiality agreements or non-compete policies.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

When an employee suffers from an injury whilst at work or contracts an illness due to the nature of their job, employment legal experts will help them file workers’ compensation claims. They can also work for the employer’s side as a defence expert to substantiate and support the defendant’s right to deny the claims.

The same services also cover cases filed by third-party plaintiffs. Here, employment lawyers will coordinate with the other party’s legal representative. They can also represent the employer in court, if necessary.

Class-Action Lawsuits

Employment lawyers are the legal experts to hire when pursuing class-action lawsuits. They are licensed and experienced in handling cases that concern not just one but several employees. They do not only assist the plaintiffs in filing complaints; they also help them get the best legal arrangement and compensation package to benefit them in the long run.

These are just some of the many services that an employment lawyer provides. If you want to know more about how these legal experts can help create a better and fairer workplace culture for you and your workers, look for a trusted Wellington law firm today.