The NOSH ChartingSystem is a comprehensive accessible software charting platform and electronic health record. Dr. Michael Chen, MD, was the one who came up with the idea. So NOSH EMR is the product of extensive end-user expertise with various types and settings of EMR, as well as expert in-practice who recognizes what is lacking in the present systems.


NOSH EMR solves important challenges in current everyday practice, particularly for medical doctors, such as integration with commonly used medical databases (SNOMED-CT, ICD-10, CPT), as well as the FDA medicines database. The majority of today’s commercial and open source EMR/EHR systems lack such integration.

Top Features of Nosh EMR

Medical Charting

In the medical profession, almost everyone is aware of the significance of charting. Every physician is observed looking for the greatest medical charting options. Many physicians have failed to locate the best EMR options. Charting gets easier and more comfortable with the assistance of Nosh EMR. Ongoing issues list, Prescription list, Multivitamin pills list, Allergy record, Prior interactions, Structured document handling network, Computerized task alert, and warning system are all available in Nosh EMR for charting.


With Nosh EMR, you receive all of the resources you require for clinical charting in one place. With the support of this function, it ensures that all of your issues are resolved. Another benefit of using Nosh EMR in healthcare charting is that everything is adjustable, so if you don’t like the arrangement or presentation of something, you can modify it to your liking. This is a significant benefit for all users since it makes a major impact. Try out Nosh EMR if you’re looking for nice charting tools. We are confident that you will not be dissatisfied.

Finding a record and tracing record

In any EMR, searching or querying data is a common feature, and NOSH EMR is no exception. It provides the doctor with the opportunity to search your clients depending on age, sexuality, concerns, illnesses, drugs, supplements, and tags, in addition to basic query/search functions. As well as creating user-defined tags to categorize records.

Multiple portals vs multiple access levels

Unlike most EMR systems, NOSH EMR has separated the software into portals, which include a client portal, helper portal, billing customer platform (the accountant), and medical user platform ( The doctor ). This architecture necessitates more effort to complete the system, but it allows for greater flexibility in terms of adding features and customizing each portal without disrupting the overall system.

Patient Portal

When it concerns safety and client interaction, the client portal is often a challenge. The majority of the open-source and commercial EHRs we see don’t have a client portal, and the few that do have restricted options for the client because they were built to notify the client about his consultations or simply to give the patient the skill to schedule an appointment that wasn’t fully integrated into the mechanism.


Secure communications to the doctor or the suppliers’ assistant is made easier with Nosh EMR. Clients can also book consultations with the physician electronically. Regular appointment alerts are sent through email or SMS by the portal. Examine the client’s chart for lab tests and other healthcare-related papers.

Patient events timeline

Every client has an interaction or engagement events calendar, which is available to both the client and the physician through his portal, and provides a more informed approach for both the client and the physician about what occurs over time.

Built to be flexible

NOSH EMR was designed to be flexible, allowing the end-user to enable or eliminate modules and functionality as needed. The next wave of improvements and documentation should hopefully include capabilities that allow users to connect products and services with Nosh EMR

Medical Records

Records with customizable reports provide more precise and useful information leading up to meetings. Doctors can customize the history of the disease, physical exam, and framework review templates to meet their specific needs. Personalized digital forms can be given and filled out through the client portal, then saved in the client’s files.

Clinical Reports

Reports generated frequently keep professionals up to date. Ongoing health problems, supply reports, and other items fall within this category. Custom tags and default search parameters can be used to modify reports.

Benefits of Nosh EMR

Free and Open Source

Practices can save expense by foregoing practice management solutions and instead establishing a supportive and cooperative community of like-minded practitioners. The system’s Github repository enables users to collaborate with coders and coworkers to improve the product.



The software’s utility grows and adapts to the needs of the practice. Because of its open-source nature, the system can be modified from the ground up, or users can take advantage of pre-built customization tools and third-party connectors.

Integrated Practice Management

Schedules, patients, patient data, inventories, financials, and more can all be managed from one centralized platform. Doctors, secretaries, billers, and even clients benefit from integrations for import/export, notifications, and tailorable client data and client messaging.

Practice-Specific Records and Charts

Patient data and charts that may be customized allow clinics to see what they need, when they need it, speeding up and enhancing therapy. Physicians can customize reports in any way they want, as in-depth as they want, thanks to a changeable presentation of patient data.

Custom Logins

All people involved with practice can utilize the platform thanks to four different login types: provider, assistant, biller, and patient. Each has its own set of modules and features that allow for increased productivity without jeopardizing the confidentiality or integrity of records or data.


If you are interested in knowing more about Nosh EMR Software, make sure to schedule a software demo using FindEMR.

Final Words!

Nosh EMR is a great software. If you are thinking of investing in Nosh EMR, make sure you schedule a demo beforehand. Other than taking a demo, we recommend you read as many online reviews as possible. This will give you a better picture of what the current users have to say about the software.