It is critical to determine the accuracy of the information as well as the quality of the source during the data validation process. There are numerous methods for validating datasets. Data validation methods commonly used by Data Analysts include:

Field Level Validation: This method validates data as it enters the field. The mistakes can be fixed as you go.

Form Level Validation: After the user submits the form, this type of validation is performed. A data entry formĀ  checked all at once, every field is validated, and any errors (if any) are highlighted so that the user can correct them.

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Data Saving Validation: When a file or database record is saved, this technique validates the data. When several data entry forms must be validated, this method is commonly used.

Validation of Search Criteria: It effectively validates the user’s search criteria in order to provide accurate and related results to the user. Its primary goal is to ensure that the search results returned by a user’s query are extremely relevant.

data analyst course
data analyst course