White Mirror Quartz contains a variety of characteristics, including the classic appearance of quartz and crystal glass and the presence of prospective quartz chunks. Shiny mirror glass specks lend a great feature to the white mirror quartz, which mostly has a lovely white background. Given that it has a white base and a mirrored surface, it will make you appear good and serene in your surroundings.

Therefore, quartz typically maintains a consistent colour and needs little upkeep, so the design you love now will last a lifetime. Given its toughness, it has a 15-year warranty. Additionally, it is heat and scratch resistant, making upkeep a breeze.

It’s ideal for anyone seeking a white mirror worktop in UK who wants something a little less neutral than pure white. Our extensive selection of White Mirror Quartz contains reflective mirror speckles with tiny crystals set in the quartz surface to give your kitchen a vibrant appearance.

This style of white mirrored quartz worktop complements any bathroom or kitchen by reflecting your colours and lighting. Unlike marble and granite countertops, white mirror chip quartz kitchen countertops don’t need to be sealed. With a moist cloth, spills of practically any kind may be quickly wiped up, providing you the assurance that your work surface will last.

This white quartz countertop will give your kitchen a feeling of lightness and ease with its light-reflecting mirror spots. Our designers advise resistant quartz because of its non-porous structure, which makes it stain resistant. To keep the kitchen looking current, install a similar rack.