What exactly is the role of an SEO specialist?

As you are aware, when you type in a keyword on search engines such as Google, it will show websites to the user in a specific order. However, this order isn’t random, and Google evaluates these websites according to hundreds of variables. In this regard, sites or businesses attempt to achieve top positions to attract more visitors. The tasks here require an SEO specialist to assist them in getting better rankings. So the primary mission of SEO is to optimize your site in search results (SEO). The SEO professional can increase visitors and sales to the site by allowing users to look up Google.

What does a skilled SEO have to know?

We have already mentioned that search engines use a specific algorithm for ranking sites by various parameters.

Thus, an SEO must be familiar with these aspects and how search engines are ranked and operate. Of course, search engines don’t disclose how these algorithms function, and we’re familiar with a handful of these variables. But, an SEO professional must be as knowledgeable as they can be. In the following article, we will look at in-depth the expertise and skills of those working in SEO.

If you intend to work in SEO and are looking to obtain an SEO job, You should understand the way search engines operate and more details on on-site optimization. We will go over these two topics in the coming.

General knowledge of the way search engines function:

An SEO specialist understands that search engines are looking to give the best outcome when a user searches for a term. But, they are a type of search engine user who, if they do not have the right solutions to their queries and searches – or are unable to find them challenging, they’ll not be as likely to look for answers.

3 critical elements in how Google should operate:


  • The site’s content must be pertinent to the user’s search:

An SEO must understand why people search for specific words or questions on the Internet. For instance, a person searching for ways to “make an easy mask at home” isn’t looking to purchase it but instead is searching for an article that explains how they can make the mask. If the content creator is looking to rank in search results for “how to make an at-home mask,” he must create something related to the topic.

  • Websites that are reliable and trustworthy are essential:

The discussion about the reliability and quality of a website is dependent on the age of the website and the backlinks it receives from other websites. Backlinks are endorsements of the website, and the quality and quantity of backlinks are of particular significance. Linking to suspicious or penalized websites by Google could have devastating consequences for a website. However, getting links from trustworthy websites whose content is relevant to your website can assist in growing your site.

  • The website’s content must be worthy of being at the top of the list.

An SEO is aware that simply creating content for users isn’t enough. Remember that Google is determined to present only the most relevant information to its users; therefore, your content must be superior to similar content to rank first. For example, about the article on creating a face mask with your own hands, you must create a thorough report so that people will no longer require other information to reach their goals.

However, an SEO specialist is not just a writer of high-quality content; they should ensure that it is easy for users to access. For instance, if you write a fantastic article but mobile users cannot understand it, the paper won’t be ranked first.

Other information that an SEO expert should have:

  1. Keyword analysis:

As you know, the different websites have different rankings in various terms and phrases that people search. Someone experienced with SEO know-how should identify the most appropriate words and phrases and design and optimize content to match it.

What are the most appropriate words? A skilled SEO must select the keywords that users are looking for in a manner appropriate to ensure that they bring quality visitors to the website. The words should also have commercial value, which means that those who search for them should be potential customers with the potential to become customers eventually. Additionally, keywords should be chosen if there is not a lot of competition between SEOs for the term or phrase.

  1. Internal SEO:

An SEO creates and arranges content by the needs of its users. Utilizes keywords in headlines and Meta tags that are descriptive using the most effective method. Optimizes images and then replaces text using them, and it also makes the most use of internal hyperlinks. So, having a basic understanding of HTML is highly beneficial.

  1. Creating high Quality Backlinks :

In the last section, we talked about how important backlinks are. An SEO professional must be familiar with the different methods of building links and select the most appropriate one based on their budget and plan.

  1. Technical SEO:

For the search engines to be able to index your website, it is necessary to find them! With the proper web sitemap and the robots.txt files, Seocar introduces its site to Google and tells the robots which pages to index and which ones to avoid. Also, it should try to boost conversion and traffic rates by ensuring the best user experience that it offers on its website. For instance, improve the speed of loading on the site or guarantee that the content is displayed correctly on mobile devices and is user-friendly. Also, reduce negative aspects of the website, for example, broken links that don’t finish anywhere.

Update details and SEO analysis

Of course, it is not wise to avoid these updates.

It is possible to attend conferences to enhance your knowledge. You can also use Twitter blogs, blogs, videos forums, Q&A forums, or podcasts to get your understanding, and it is recommended that you use at least one of these frequently. As we said, learning is a process that requires a lot of intelligence. Therefore, you should dedicate 20% of your time to learning and the other 80% to working.

It is essential to keep trying and make errors. Always test and evaluate various methods.

However, another portion of the work hours of the person doing SEO reports (for employers). The report could be submitted monthly, quarterly, or even six months. It is essential to be able to analyze these reports and make plans for the future. Also, to perform the tasks above, it is necessary to know the different SEO devices and utilize them. Tools like: SEMrush, Ahref, Moz Pro, Alexa, Yoast, etc.

What is the path that an SEO has followed?

To become an SEO expert, you first need to complete an SEO course.


Create a website for yourself and begin to practice. Because in the world of SEO, the theory of SEO will be useless, and you’ll learn a lot of things by doing it. You can also take an internship with an organization and then get employment. This way, you’ll get familiar with the actual industry of SEO and its business and gain a lot from your colleagues. Apart from working for an organization, you could also become a freelancer or take on projects for yourself. Keep in mind that having your website can aid you immensely when it comes to these tasks. 

Other characteristics of an SEO specialist:

  • Anyone interested in working in the SEO field requires patience.

This is because you will not master SEO in a single day and SEO is a process that takes time and requires perseverance to achieve results and rank.

  • An SEO must possess the vital insight to make an analysis.

It is essential to be aware that the rise or decline results from modifications to the site and Google updates. Sometimes, it’s impossible to obtain a definitive result with just one test, and we need to rerun the test in various situations.

  • Someone who plans to pursue a career in SEO should not waste their time with tiny tests and adjustments but instead seeks out significant changes and outcomes.
  • The person in this position realizes that he isn’t able to learn all the SEO abilities or techniques. So either develop into an SEO expert in a couple of situations, like linking building or technical SEO, or attempts to specialize in a particular field.

For instance, SEO for online stores differs from  local companies like doctors and real estate. Thus, an SEO specialist can concentrate on one of these sectors.

  • SEO is not a black-hat technique.

The use of black-hat SEO is likely to result in the website being punished and cause the SEO work to be notorious.

In this post, we attempted to identify the qualities of an SEO specialist.

We hope that you will enjoy this article, and we’d be delighted to hear your feedback on this article and the role as an SEO expert or if you’ve didn’t understand something in the comment section.