Biltong Auckland is the most famous snack food. It is made from a variety of cuts, including the rump, fillet and sirloin steaks, which are then cured and dried in the sun. The result is a very hard and long-lasting piece that can be consumed as it is or sliced up into strips.

It’s high in protein.

Biltong is a great food to include in your bike touring diet because it’s high in protein. As you know, protein is good for muscle building, energy and recovery.

If you are looking for the best source of protein while on the road, then biltong would be an excellent option as it has 10 grams of protein per 100 gms of meat. This means that if you consume 400 gms of biltong (which is about 2.5 oz), then you will be getting 40 grams of protein from that one serving alone!

It has low-fat content.

Biltong Auckland also has a lower fat content than beef jerky or even salted meats, which means you can eat it in moderation without consuming too many calories. Since it doesn’t contain preservatives, biltong can be stored for long periods of time without going bad. This makes it an ideal food to pack when you’re on long road trips because you don’t have to worry about the food spoiling before your bike tour ends.

It’s packed with other vitamins and minerals.

Biltong is packed with other vitamins and minerals, which all play an important role in helping your body run smoothly.

Although you may not think about it this way, biltong is a great source of protein. This is important because protein helps build muscle mass, which can increase stamina when riding a bike or hiking through the mountains.

Another vitamin that you’ll find in biltong (and many other types of meat) is iron. Iron is what makes red blood cells carry oxygen throughout our bodies; without iron, we could not survive for very long!

Thiamin and niacin are two B vitamins found in biltong that have been shown to help prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure. Thiamin also plays an important role in brain function as well as energy metabolism. Be sure to eat some biltong before hitting up those steep climbs on your next bike tour!

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It lasts long without refrigeration.

Biltong can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to a year and still taste great. It can also be frozen or refrigerated (although refrigeration tends to dry out the meat).

It’s not heavy to carry around.

Biltong Auckland is a light snack food, so it’s not going to make your pack feel heavy. Unlike other high-calorie foods, you can easily carry several biltong packages without feeling like you’re carrying around a brick. It also takes up little space in your backpack and doesn’t require any refrigeration or temperature control.


Biltong is a great food for bike touring because it’s lightweight, high in protein and fat content and can last long without refrigeration. It has other vitamins and minerals that are good for you too. All of these things make biltong the perfect snack to keep your energy levels up while riding your bike around South Africa.