Concrete driveways are durable and visually-appealing. Nowadays most paving companies near you in Berkeley, CA are suggesting considering concrete paving over others. They are highly capable enough to stand up against whatever vehicle you have in your garage space.

You can custom-design the paving with unique designs, beautiful colors and exceptional textures to create stunning driveway space. Beauty, durability and sturdiness make concrete a good alternative for driveways and other exterior surfaces.

Read on the post and know what makes them right choice for your driveway.

Easy Maintenance

Many homeowners in Berkeley CA perceive concrete driveways as the maintenance-free options for every home. When you install one in your driveway, it will help in keeping your space clean and sealing properly for ensuring longevity. To clean the driveway space, you need a hose, pressurized water and a stiff-bristle brush.

Using a concrete sealer in your driveway can add the additional layer of protection to your concrete surface. Your driveway needs sealing once a year to apply concrete sealing. Upon applying a concrete sealer, it will help your driveway surface in preventing water or moisture absorption.

If you want to prepare your driveway for winter, it is always good to considering sealing it in the fall. It will help you ensure that the driveway surface stands up against the harsh winter weather.

Better Protection to Heat and Light

A concrete driveway surface absorbs less heat from the sun and is much cooler than asphalt surface. Though this driveway reflects life, it minimizes the requirement for ample light. Hence, a concrete driveway contributes significantly to your home’s energy savings for more years to come.

Good Load-Bearing Capacity

Getting a concrete driveway paving can able to handle heavy loads much better as it is a non-flexible material. When you need your driveway for your vehicles to travel on, you can never know there will be a heavier vehicle on your home or garage area. Concrete paving does well in bearing heavy loads.

Environment Friendly

Concrete is more environment friendly paving solution for both residential and commercial properties. It requires less overall energy to produce and install. However the energy cost of installing concrete on a driveway is much lower as compared to its asphalt counterpart.

In addition, concrete can be salvaged after the end of thirty or fifty year time. The paving can be recycled to produce new driveway along the line as it comprises of renewable materials like cement, sand, rock and water.

Final Takeaway –

Functionality, versatile design and durability are something that make concrete paving a functional alternative to your home driveway. Furthermore, long-term cost savings are another reason behind considering concrete over other construction materials.

Concrete paving installation requires experience and expertise as choosing the right aggregates or the type of cement to be used. Getting help from paving contractors in Berkeley CA has a higher chance the project will be done well with speed and precision. That’s why it is recommended that you look for concrete paving companies near you in Berkeley CA and you will need expert help and assistance with your pavement design and installation.