Marketers are doing everything they can to ensure that users can enjoy high-quality ads on their smartphones. Now it is everywhere: in the OS interface, games and applications, YouTube videos, and streaming services. Its number will increase arithmetically in the future. It is not for nothing that Statista analysts predict an increase in the value of mobile marketing to $339 billion.

On the part of the app and mobile game owners, everything looks logical: advertising monetization of free digital products. But users are irritated by this, causing a desire to remove the IT solution or to block ads. The latter seems like a reasonable compromise, doesn’t it?

In this material, we will look at 10 key apps for adblock Android 2022-2023 and their features. We will also choose the best option for installation that fits your smartphone usage scenarios.


An absolute favorite in the best adblock for Android category. The digital solution differs from competitors with a unique algorithm of work, adequate tariffing, and efficiency in combating marketing creatives. It does not require magisk adblock, which also belongs to the advantages.

AWAX features:

  • built-in VPN with advertisement and tracker filtering;
  • clear interface and easy software setup;
  • cleaning the traffic from unwanted content;
  • convenient billing model;
  • up-to-date OS support;
  • work with all types of apps and games;
  • 100% effective in the fight against advertising.

AWAX is one of the few Android app that blocks ads on YouTube app. So if you are annoyed by inserts in videos – use this blocker and forget about problematic content absorption.


One of the old-timers of the extension industry adblock for Android Chrome. The app now has several variations: for installation in smartphones and directly in browsers. Although AdGuard is not one of the apps that will block ads in all apps on Android, its effectiveness with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge is very high.

AdGuard features:

  • adblocking on websites, including YouTube;
  • hiding information from web analytics;
  • phishing protection;
  • fine-tuning site content filtering.

The program copes perfectly with its tasks by hiding advertising content, blocking banners, linking, and auto redirecting on pages.


Probably one of the most popular Android browser with adblock in the world.

It comes in several versions:

  • an app for smartphones and tablets;
  • browser extension;
  • FAB browser.

The blocker copes with most tasks of combating all kinds of ad creatives: banners, notifications, videos, and automatic linking. It also protects users from personal data collection, tracking, action analytics, and click-throughs.


A new player on the market adblock DNS Android. It has several useful and modern features in its arsenal:

  • anti-tracking protection;
  • private browsing of content;
  • control center for several controlled devices;
  • encryption of transmitted data;
  • adblock Android games;
  • support for popular platforms.

The app perfectly copes with ad-blocking tasks in software, games, websites, and streaming services. It has several versions with different functionality and distribution models, so everyone can find a solution for their budget and goals.


One of the popular extensions for Chrome Android block ads. This digital solution has been on the market for quite a long time and has managed to gather a loyal audience. Unlike other options, it has an advanced browser version, which is more elaborate and effective in the fight against marketing creatives.

AdAway features:

  • open source program base;
  • local VPN;
  • support for older OS versions;
  • work in non-root and root modes;
  • hosts modification.

Blocker copes with all tasks, such as protection against tracking, advertising, and redirects from pages. It also detects spyware and malware, informing users about the installation of suspicious packages with false signatures, etc.


An easy-to-configure blocker with basic features such as anti-surveillance, ad disabling, and traffic routing. Installed as an app but allows you to manage other packages on your smartphone. You can use it to disable malicious code in links, automatic redirects, pop-up notifications, and video inserts.

There is also an extension for all popular browsers, installed both by regular means of programs and with the help of the internal manager AdShield. Overall, a good solution for blocking ads on your device.


A universal app that blocks ads on Android. It does this effectively, cutting off the ad code in all the analyzed links. In addition, AdLock has several features:

  • blocking banners, videos, mining scripts;
  • protection against linking, data theft, viruses;
  • control of traffic and battery consumption.

The program is flexible in configuration and allows you to manage almost every source of traffic, web resource, and app. So you can turn on some of the advertising banners, without which the site does not work properly. The solution copes with the assigned mission and saves users from annoying marketing creatives.


Not a bad app that works similarly to AWAX by creating a VPN connection. However, in this case, the traffic is redirected to an external server, filtered, and cleared of ads, malicious code, spyware, and other digital junk.

The program works with all traffic sources, disabling marketing content on websites and in apps, games, and extensions. The algorithm allows you to effectively fight ads without overloading your device or wasting your data plan limits on communications with external resources. The digital product deserves the audience’s attention because its functionality covers all the basic needs of users.


The app was included in our review for a reason. Besides the fact that it actively fights viruses on all devices, the solution effectively blocks ads. At the same time, the program can work with browsers via extensions and with apps, games, and system tools.

This digital product has great potential and is being actively developed, incorporating new functionality and device protection algorithms. It is distributed free of charge, albeit with certain restrictions. Even so, it is considered one of the best blockers on the market in 2023.

Galaxy AdBlock

A relatively new solution on the market, which is positioned as an ad blocker for websites. As of early 2023, it has limited functionality and performs basic tasks of disabling simple marketing creatives on web pages.

The solution developers are actively working on improving the app, promising to release minor and major updates introducing new features to the software.

How to choose the best blocker?

The main difficulty in selecting a blocker is determining which tasks it should be able to handle 100%. The second criterion is the monetization policy. Few people want to view ads when disabling them with an app.

After analyzing all the options described in the article, we have come to a logical conclusion: as of 2023, the best solution is AWAX. For all tasks at once:

  • blocking ads in videos, apps, games, and websites;
  • blocking trackers and phishing links;
  • anti-spam and anti-malware.

Thus, if you want to get rid of annoying content while protecting your device from data theft – use the best adblock for Android AWAX.


What is the best app to stop ads on Android in 2023?

AWAX because it combines all modern features, effectively protecting your smartphone from malicious sites and blocking all possible ads on web pages and apps.

Is there an app that blocks ads in other apps on Android?

AWAX, because it works with a local VPN, redirecting all traffic to an internally updated filter that effectively cuts off advertising addresses and blocks links to marketing content.

Is there an app that will block ads on free Android apps?

AWAX because it is designed primarily to filter outgoing and incoming traffic from all possible sources, including free apps.