Designing custom software demands more than coding and deployment. You need a reliable and experienced team of custom software developers and designers. Functional custom software should be tailor-made to cater to specific needs and address predetermined problems or pain points.


Top Custom Software Development Companies

  • Sphinx Solutions
  • Chetu
  • TatvaSoft
  • Fingent Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ascentspark Software Private Limited
  • Peerbits
  • TechPlek Technologies
  • Apinnovate
  • Onesoft Technologies
  • Techasoft
  • Key Parameters: Choosing the Best Custom Software Development Company
  • Questions to Ask the Software Development Partner
  • FAQ’s

Finding the right team can make all the difference. The right software design can help you reach your target consumers and catapult you to success. So, here are the top custom software development companies that you should consider.

Here Are The 10 Top Custom Software Development Companies Of 2024

  1. Sphinx Solutions


Sphinx Solutions is a rapidly growing and one of the top custom software development companies. The team has catered to the needs of over 300 global businesses. It is among the best custom software development firms in India.

The ideal custom software company should be robust, comprehensive, and scalable. The team experts use PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Magento, Java, Perl, and MySQL to develop custom software solutions.

Expect nothing less than the complete and best software development package from Sphinx Solutions. Begin your journey with transparent cost estimation. Proceed to the refinement of ideas, the definition of scope and deliverables, design process, coding and software development, debugging, and deployment.

It is a unique custom software development company that provides complete support throughout the development process and after deployment. You shall receive support with debugging and software upgrades after deployment.

  1. Chetu

Chetu is a well-known custom software development company. It provides custom development software services from dedicated developers.

Startups, SMEs, and enterprise-sized businesses can receive consultation and software development services from the team. It is one of the best custom software companies in India.

Their leading services include custom web development, implementation and deployment, API Development and system integrations, and UX/UI designs. API integrations, application maintenance, and custom software application development services.

Expect real-time communication, support and scalability, and industry-specific experience from the Chetu team.

  1. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft is one among India-based (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) best software development companies. It has over 810 global customers and 1800+ completed projects.

TatvaSoft focuses on custom software development for businesses of all sizes. The steps of the custom software development process include designing, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Here’s what TatvaSoft offers each client –

  • Tailored software development
  • Application migration and re-engineering
  • Software application maintenance
  • Application Integration
  • SaaS applications
  • Maintenance and support

In the past years, the team has catered to clients from fintech, education, energy & utilities, media, healthcare, logistics & distribution, travel & hospitality, oil & gas, travel & hospitality, and the public sector.

  1. Fingent Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Fingent Global Solutions, based in Kochi, is an expert in delivering custom software development services. The team allows you to make your mark in the world of business. Fingent provides clients with bespoke, innovative, and cost-effective custom software solutions.

It is one of the leading software service providers in India. The team comprises experienced engineers, and designers, who can simplify and error-proof your business software.

Fingent has provided custom software solutions to several sectors including accounting, HR, inventory and work order management, ERP, eCommerce, and CRM.

  1. Ascentspark Software Private Limited

Ascentspark Software Private Limited is a one of the custom software development companies located in Kolkata, India.

The team provides state-of-the-art web and mobile software development services that fulfill the unique needs of each client. In the last 7 years, the team has catered to SMBs across the US, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Kuwait, and India.

Ascentspark Software Private Limited provides bespoke software and custom app development services for various platforms and operating systems.

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  1. Peerbits

Peerbits can be your ideal offshore software services provider. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the team has over 10 years of experience in software development.

The team boasts experienced professionals with multi-domain expertise. A dedicated working process and thorough QA ensure timely product delivery and deployment.

Receive complete guidance and consultation before the coding process begins. The team aspires to deliver customer-oriented solid software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Peerbits also offers API and data integration, and microservices to enhance your software UX.

  1. TechPlek Technologies

TechPlek Technologies is a Bengaluru-based software solutions provider. The team specializes in the design and development of mobile applications and custom web applications.

Improve your consumer UI and UX with next-gen design and coding by the TechPlek Technologies team.

The team adheres to a simple and transparent process. It begins with meeting the client and discussing their visions about the software. The next step in the process is receiving a quote from the team regarding the software development process. Once you come to an agreement on the budget, the design and coding of the software begin.

You will receive a list of the action items, along with timely communication and follow-ups from the TechPlek Technologies team.

  1. Apinnovate

APINNOVATE is a well-known custom software development company. It specializes in the development of custom software solutions complete with follow-up maintenance and support services.

With the help of a dedicated team of developers, APINNOVATE creates enterprise-grade, scalable, secure, and flexible software solutions. The custom software development services include –

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Point of Sales (POS) and Payment Processing Solutions
  • Real-Time Communications
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Usability Testing Solutions

The custom web solutions aim to accelerate workflows, optimize business operations, boost ROIs, and improve UX.

  1. Onesoft Technologies

Onesoft Technologies is one of the best software development companies in Kochi, Kerala. The team has long-term experience in creating software solutions to streamline business workflows, financial flows, and industrial processes.

Apart from application development and management services, you can expect software analytics and enterprise mobility solutions from the Onesoft Technologies team.

The team caters to the software requirement of the following sectors –

  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hotels and Restaurants

Onesoft Technologies offers complete professional custom software solutions for all businesses.

  1. Techasoft

Techasoft is a leading custom software development company in Kolkata, India. The team consists of trained and experienced engineers and designers.

The Techasoft team specializes in custom software solutions. Over the years, the team has created software solutions for the following –

  • HR and Payroll Management
  • CRM
  • Real Estate
  • Inventory Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Education (School Management)

The team of experts relies on stringent quality analysis, unit testing, and integration testing before software deployment. After the launch, you can expect continued deployment automation support for your custom software from the Techasoft team.

Key Parameters: Choosing the Best Custom Software Development Company

To choose the best top custom software development company from any list you should do the following –

Ask for Referrals

Talk to people in your network who have collaborated with custom software service providers.

Check the company’s profile

Always visit the website of the top custom software development companies and check customer ratings on third-party sites. Check authentic reviews on company listing sites.

Any company that claims to design custom software but doesn’t have an impressive, responsive, or secure site is not worth your time.

Spend time learning about software systems

We know it sounds like a lot of work, but learning about software systems can save you a lot of headaches. For example, learn about operating systems, such as UNIX or Windows. Find out which OS your tailored software will run on. Find out which software development frameworks are compatible with your OS choice.

These are a few basics you should learn before you begin talking to a software services provider.

Determine your custom software budget

Custom software development may not be as expensive as you believe. With the right team and tech, you can get bespoke enterprise software within your budget.

To get a near accurate cost to build custom software, you can use software/app cost calculators such as the one on the Sphinx Solutions website.

Make a list of the features and functions that add to the cost or reduce the expense of development.

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Book an Appointment

Talk to representatives from all the custom software development companies you have short-listed. Within the first couple of days, you will get a good idea about their response time.

A reliable company should always have open lines of communication with their clients. If the representative takes longer than 24 hours to respond to your queries, it’s time to look at other custom software development companies.

Questions to Ask the Software Development Partner


What are the types of custom software development services?

Custom software development services contain designing, developing, maintaining, and deploying applications that are tailored for specific users, functions, and organizations. Six types of custom software development include customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS), operations management software, enterprise resource planning system, e-commerce software solutions, and enterprise software solutions.

What is the benefit of custom software development?

Custom software is mainly developed for a specific business to fill the gaps and cover critical functions in the existing IT solutions. Key benefits include:

  1. Unique solution that belongs to your business
  2. Personalized solution
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Security
  5. Integration
  6. Flexibility and scalability
  7. Reliability
  8. Exclusive ownership
  9. Increased productivity

Why is custom software expensive?

Because when the complexity level starts increasing, the time required for developing the project also increases, which escalates the overall cost of custom software development. Factors that affect software development cost includes:

  1. Size of software
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Complexity
  4. Integration with other systems
  5. Existing data migration
  6. Future updates & maintenance

How much does a custom program cost?

The average custom program cost ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. However, this range varies because there are plenty of aspects that effectively contribute to the custom software development cost.

Why is custom software development important?

Custom software development is crucial as it helps to meet all your business requirements and needs at a cost competitive with buying, modifying, and maintaining commercial software. With customized software development, businesses can easily make changes anytime, add sensitive information & implement customer feedback.