Surveys are an effective tool for making better business decisions and keeping customers entertained. Here are 10 creative survey ideas that you can draw inspiration from, using Survicate’s templates:

For Marketers:

  • Test your ads before launching a campaign with an advertising survey template
  • Use G2 review platform to benefit from positive reviews with a brand endorsement template
  • Get content ideas from customers with a content preferences survey template
  • Gauge the helpfulness of an article with an article feedback survey template
  • Ask newsletter subscribers how often they want to hear from you with a subscription feedback survey template

For Product Teams:

  • Find out what features customers want next with a product development feedback template
  • Evaluate product satisfaction with a product survey template
  • Use a website survey to find out if your website lacks any information
  • For Customer Success or Account Managers:
  • Evaluate customer service with a customer service survey template
  • Use a customer feedback survey template to find out who your customers are and improve your marketing approach.

Remember, a creative and humorous approach can boost your response rate. Survicate’s templates are ready to send, but if you want to customize them, it only takes a few clicks.