I. Introduction

Bangalore is known for its rich food culture, with a variety of cuisines and flavors to suit every palate. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking to try something new, Bangalore has a lot to offer. In this article,  Best Places To Visit In Bangalore we’ll highlight 10 must-visit places for foodies in Bangalore, ranging from street food stalls to fine dining restaurants.

II. List of 10 Must-Visit Places for Foodies

  1. MTR – This legendary restaurant has been serving traditional South Indian cuisine for over 90 years.
  2. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – This iconic eatery is famous for its crispy dosas and filter coffee.
  3. VV Puram Food Street – A bustling street food market with over 20 vendors selling everything from chaat to kebabs.
  4. CTR – Another South Indian favorite, CTR is renowned for its buttery masala dosas and fluffy idlis.
  5. Halli Mane – This rustic restaurant offers traditional Kannada cuisine in a cozy setting.
  6. Nagarjuna – A popular spot for Andhra-style biryani and spicy curries.
  7. Taaza Thindi – This small eatery serves up delicious breakfast dishes like vadas, idlis, and poha.
  8. O.G. Variar & Sons – A must-visit for anyone who loves sweets, this century-old shop is famous for its Mysore pak and other traditional sweets.
  9. The Permit Room – This trendy bar and restaurant serves up modern twists on classic South Indian dishes.
  10. Toit – A microbrewery and gastropub with a great selection of craft beers and tasty pub grub.

III. Details on Each Place MTR:

Located in the heart of Bangalore, MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room) is an institution in the city. The menu includes classic South Indian dishes like dosas, idlis, and vadas, as well as more unusual items like bisibele bath and chow chow bath. The restaurant has a simple, no-frills ambiance and is always busy, so be prepared to wait in line.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar:

This tiny eatery in Shankarpuram has been serving up delicious dosas and filter coffee for over 50 years. The dosas are crispy and flavorful, and the coffee is strong and aromatic. There is no seating, so be prepared to eat standing up.

V. V Puram Food Street:

This bustling market in the heart of Bangalore is a food lover’s paradise, with over 20 vendors selling a wide variety of street food. Some must-try dishes include the masala puri, pani puri, and obbattu (a sweet flatbread filled with coconut and jaggery).


Another popular South Indian restaurant, CTR (Central Tiffin Room) is known for its fluffy idlis and buttery masala dosas. The restaurant has a cozy, old-world ambiance and is a great place to enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch.

Halli Mane:

This rustic restaurant in Jayanagar serves up traditional Kannada cuisine, including dishes like ragi mudde, mutton pulao, and chicken ghee roast. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with decor inspired by rural Karnataka.


If you’re a fan of spicy Andhra-style food, Nagarjuna is a must-visit. The restaurant serves up fiery biryanis, curries, and tandoori dishes, as well as a variety of vegetarian options. The ambiance is simple and unpretentious, with wooden tables and chairs and no-frills decor.

Taaza Thindi:

This small eatery in Basavanagudi is a favorite among locals for its delicious breakfast dishes. The menu includes vadas, idlis, poha, and more, all served with a variety of chutneys and sambar. The ambiance is casual and laid-back, with a mix of indoor and outdoor seating.

O.G. Variar & Sons:

This century-old sweet shop is a Bangalore institution, and is famous for its Mysore pak, a rich and decadent sweet made from ghee, sugar, and chickpea flour. The shop also sells a variety of other traditional sweets, including laddoos and burfis.

The Permit Room:

This trendy bar and restaurant in Indiranagar serves up modern twists on classic South Indian dishes, such as duck dosa and prawn ghee roast. The cocktail menu is also worth checking out, with creative drinks inspired by Indian flavors and ingredients.


A popular microbrewery and gastropub in Indiranagar, Toit is known for its excellent selection of craft beers and tasty pub grub. The menu includes a variety of pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches, as well as Indian-inspired dishes like butter chicken and lamb kebabs.

IV. Food and Drink Recommendations

At Nagarjuna, the chicken biryani and the spicy Andhra-style chicken fry are both must-tries.  Variar & Sons, the Mysore pak and the laddoos are both excellent. At The Permit Room, try the duck dosa and the chettinad chicken. And at Toit, the garlic chicken pizza and the basil pesto pasta are both popular choices.

V. Conclusion

Bangalore is a food lover’s dream, with a diverse range of cuisines and flavors to explore. Whether you’re a fan of street food or fine dining, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Be sure to visit these 10 must-visit places for food