The Spanish beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history only enhance the overall quality of life in addition to the fantastic temperature, which is primarily warm and sunny throughout the whole year. The idea that Spain is one of the nicest nations in the world and that its citizens are extroverted, open-minded, and conversational is accurate, but everyone is aware of this. But moving to a new city can be daunting, so here are some things you need to know before moving to Madrid.

  • Mandatory NIE for foreigners

A “Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros” must also be applied for by any foreign national relocating to Madrid (NIE). For non-Spanish nationals, the NIE acts as both an identifying number and a tax identification number. The application procedure for the NIE is rather simple and shouldn’t raise any issues.

  • Great Healthcare system

The non-contributory healthcare system in Spain is funded by tax money. Every legal resident of Spain has a right to healthcare, and if you have a job, you’ll immediately be covered by public health insurance. The medical facilities in Madrid are highly rated. And it is one of the main things you need to know before moving to Madrid.

  • Numerous leisure options

Madrid is a multicultural metropolis with everything from zoos and amusement parks to the arts and sports. Any art enthusiast may find satisfaction in museums like the Reina Sofia or the renowned Prado, while an enthusiastic athlete can find hunger-satisfying exercise in the stunning mountains around Madrid. A paradise for hikers, cyclists, and climbers lies close to Madrid and is available to all nature lovers.

  • Socializing

Considering socializing with locals? There are a few things you need to know before moving to Madrid. For instance, when meeting with locals, don’t expect to eat supper before 8 o’clock. Additionally, especially if you are from a Latin American nation, be prepared to be astonished by how honest Spanish people are. To strike up a discussion with locals, especially over dinner because this is a subject that frequently comes up, try to learn a few statistics about your nation, such as its population. Last but not least, don’t assume that everyone speaks English. If you want to comprehend what’s going on, you need to at least master the basics of Spanish.

  • Seasonal allergies are no Joke!

The city and its surroundings bloom with lovely flowers in the spring, notably the well-known Almond Trees (pictured on the right). Despite being lovely, people who are susceptible to seasonal allergies may be affected by it. If you happen to *slightly* experience seasonal allergies at this lovely time of the year, you should be aware that they worsen in Madrid.

  • The transportation Hack

You must pay 20 euros a month for the abonotransporte, a transportation pass that entitles anybody under the age of 25 to unrestricted use of all public transit in Madrid. We believe it is one of the most important things you need to know before moving to Madrid as it comes as a lifesaver and helps you with all-around public transport assistance.

Madrid has many serviced apartments than can be handy while moving into the city. If you are looking for a short stay or an extended itinerary, there are numerous serviced apartments available with all the facilities that you desire. Find them in various areas of the city. 

  • Learn a bit of Spanish

Though you can get by living in the city without knowing Spanish it is suggested that you learn a few phrases to connect with the locals. Though this may seem like common knowledge, knowing a bit of Spanish is definitely one of the main things you need to know before moving to Madrid. This applies if you want to make friends in the city. The locals would be glad to come forward to help you a bit more if you brush up on your Spanish skills.

  • NO work during Siesta Time in Spain.

You’ve probably heard of the fabled siesta, and it does exist. Most banks shut at 2 PM, and many grocers, marketplaces, pubs, and restaurants do take a lunch break, but it seldom occurs in larger cities. Spaniards have a far more laid-back work climate and work to live rather than live to work. This is one of the uniquely Spanish cultural things you need to know before moving to Madrid. If you have planned something between 2 to 4 pm, try and shift it to another time if you don’t want any delays.

  • Be on the Lookout for pickpockets

Though Madrid is a stunning city, one problem that plagues the place is its notoriety for pickpocketing. It is a headache for locals and tourists alike and is something you should always be aware of. Never keep items unattended in public. Be sure to keep your valuables close in crowded places and be sure to not fall into tourist scams that are widespread in the notable sightseeing areas in the city.