Have you recently undergone a big hair chop? Are you transitioning, or do you wish you had long hair? You can grow your hair long, healthy, and naturally curly with perseverance and appropriate hair care techniques. Although hair grows between a quarter and a half an inch per month, there are things you can do to help with the quality of your hair. Additionally, maintaining your hair’s length and avoiding hair breakage are things you can control.

Continue reading to learn ten simple methods for growing and maintaining long hair.

Prioritize Your Scalp

An excellent starting point for optimal hair development is a healthy scalp. To promote healthy hair development, you should wash your hair and scalp once a week to eliminate dirt, buildup, dandruff, or other scalp problems. To prevent severe tangling, wash your hair in medium parts, and remember to shampoo your scalp with your fingertips rather than your fingernails.

Weekly Deep Condition

One of the main reasons for breaking, which impacts length retention, is dry hair. Deep conditioning treatments performed once a week are the most effective treatment for dry hair.

Gently Detangle

Your curls should be detangled carefully, slowly, and with care. Always use a wide-tooth comb or curl-friendly brush to detangle while a hair is still damp, or always work in portions from the ends to the roots.

Use Products Containing Nutrients 

It will flourish when you utilize products that provide your hair with the hydration and nutrients it requires. Be on the lookout for high-quality components and products designed for textured hair types.

Implement More Protection

Wearing a protective style is an excellent method to maintain length. Protective hairstyles, including buns, twists, frontal wigs, and even braids, reduce manipulation while shielding your hair from the weather.

Heat Styling

Limiting hot styling products like flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers will help you obtain healthy hair. Heat styling can harm your curls by weakening the strands or permanently changing the pattern of your curls.

Hair Balanced

Your hair will blossom when the ratios of protein and moisture are adjusted. Your curls will be weak or limp if your protein levels are off, while your hair will be brittle and dry if you have too much protein.

Get Routine Trims

Without routine cuts, your hair will not retain length or be healthy. Split ends can propagate further hair breaking without routine trimming by moving up the hair shaft.

Keep Up a Healthy Diet And Style

Everything starts with leading a healthy lifestyle. Healthy nutrition and regular exercise will give your hair the nutrients it needs to flourish since healthy hair begins from the inside out.

Protect Your Hair At Night

Keep up the good hair habits you’ve developed. Wear silk or satin-lined scarf, hat, or pillowcase at night to protect your hair. Your hair’s moisture will be absorbed by cotton, which will also promote friction, breakage, as well as frizz.

Different Kinds of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have countless advantages. If you’re not born with hair fit for a Disney princess, using hair extensions is a terrific method to achieve the hair you’ve ever wanted. If you are still getting familiar with the world of hair extensions, the sheer variety of names and styles might be intimidating. Although 100% Indian Remy hair clip-ins are used in hair extensions, there are other types. To reduce confusion, we’re splitting the many kinds of extensions.

Remy Hair

Since the cuticles are preserved, unlike most other non-Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is thought to be the highest quality of human hair. Hair extensions’ natural appearance and feel are made possible by unilaterally aligning and maintaining the hair cuticles.

Sew-In Weft Hair Extensions

Since they are permanent and strong, they are also fairly well-liked. Additionally, because these sew-in weft hair extensions are not attached with tape or clips, they look natural and have no obvious seams.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microbead and micro-loop hair extensions are several other names for micro-link hair extensions. These would be applied by using a tiny silicone-lined bead to affix tiny hair wefts to discrete pieces of natural hair. Also read, how to make your sew in weave last longer.


You don’t need protective styles to let your hair grow out if you take good care of it. You won’t need protective styles to let your hair grow out if you take excellent care of it. If you want to buy braiding hair to achieve protective hairstyles, check out Indique Hair, as they offer 100% Remy human hairpieces at the best prices. Visit the website today!