Don’t be shocked!


I’m sure there are more than 15 places and occasions where you can wear a saree, and here are a few!

Saree is considered as most comfortable and elegant wear that you can wear at sophisticated places and also on occasions to rock the party!

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of the 15 places where you can wear sarees and be very comfortable!


1. Daily basis-

It is very normal in India that women to wear a saree on daily basis! Not for any function or any occasion but to perform the daily chores.

It is indeed a comfortable outfit for so many women and it’s not a big deal for them to wear it on daily basis!


2. Brunch-

Wearing a bright, fresh-colored saree in the morning for brunch is a great dressing option. It doesn’t take a long time to wear a saree but it feels like too much effort has been taken to get ready!

Have a happy and beautiful brunch!


3. Lunch Parties-

Same as you can wear a saree at brunch you can carry the same for a lunch party as well. Glamming up with some more jewelry and you can easily turn the saree into a lunch outfit!


4. Dinner Parties-

Can’t tell you enough about how wearing a saree will make you feel powerful at the dinner party! Saree is an easy-going, breezy, and comfortable outfit! You can also level up your fashion game with it. Heavy makeup and light jewelry would do the trick for you at a dinner party!

5. Vacation-

It feels so uncomfortable even to the ears, to listen that Saree will be a comfortable outfit for a vacation. But trust me, if you are spending your vacation in India and especially at some places in Rajasthan and Gujrat, you would thank me for telling you that you should carry a saree, compulsory! The photos that you would get in the Ambar fort are simply incredible!


And if you are traveling to the southern parts of India, mind you, there are some temples where females can’t enter without wearing a saree! Regardless, photos will also be mesmerizing- you in a saree!

6. Cocktail Parties-

There are so many types of sarees that have come to the market that goes totally opposite of traditional wear! Although the saree itself is traditional wear, there are a few ways that you can wear it with would give you a feeling of total bold, hard-rock chic. And you can be the hero of the party!

Again, nothing can beat the comfort and elegance that the saree has, hands down.


7. Kitty party-

Now I think, this is the perfect place where you can wear the most traditional saree, or maybe can opt for the designer saree as well, and flaunt it hard! Wearing the most authentic format of the saree would make you the topic of discussion for the day!!

Any pure silk saree or chiffon saree would roll the balls for you!


8. Weddings –

Now even if you are not an Indian, you know that Sarees are mostly worn at weddings in India! Saree is the traditional outfit of Indian people, we also carry cultural background for wearing saree at weddings!

There might be different ways to wear sarees or different types of sarees are been worn, but sarees are essentials at Indian weddings!

9. Functions that happen at an Indian wedding-

No Indian wedding would be done in a day! There are 2-3 days long functions that are followed by the final wedding ceremony!

So there is a function called- Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and Sagayi to be followed by the Phere function. And yes we are ought to wear a saree for all of these functions! Of course, now things are changing so it’s okay not to wear a saree for all the functions. But yes wearing a saree gives functional, especially Wedding vibes to Indians!


10. To the Work-

This is my favorite and I can’t stress enough that nothing beats wearing a saree at the workplace! It is so elegant and graceful to see a woman in a saree! It already put you in the commanding position, at a position of power at work!


11. Important meetings in the office-

If you are not that person who can wear a saree all day, every day to the office, then you should take this suggestion to wear a saree to the office when it is an important meeting or when you intend to create an impression in the office.

12. Professional functions-

There always comes this question that what should we be wearing at a professional function, formal or informal both seem not appropriate, and that’s when you can always turn into wearing a saree. With light make-up and no gold jewelry, you can carry the cotton saree, chiffon saree, or georgette saree look to any professional function without looking unprofessional or overdressed!

You can give it a try even to printed sarees, provided that it has a decent print and decent colors to be worn for a professional function.


13. Office Parties-

No doubt that you can wear and carry elegance around the hall at the office party! Depending on the glam that you would wanna carry, you can go a notch up or notch it down to a basic but elegant outfit for office parties!

14. Sexy Saree for Girls’ Vacay-

If you have read this article here then I don’t think so you have any problem with trying and experimenting with wearing sarees a little! Since you are into wearing sarees, you should try the new trendy sarees that are in the market, sometime.

15. On date-

This will be a very bold choice but again can’t think of it as anything less than elegant and bold! This is your time, you can be as glammed up as you want. Just make sure the guy doesn’t go into self-doubt after the date! (Haha)

But you can be you, on a date in Saree! Considering this is also, one of the perfect opportunities to wear a saree, take it and flaunt your saree love!

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