1st Providers Choice EHR and Counsol EHR are both popular electronic medical record software (EMR) systems. Both are top-notch, popular and trusted. However, they come with different features and functionalities that make them stand out from one another when it comes to the specific needs of your practice.

1st Providers Choice EMR is a digital healthcare solution that offers a wide range of products and solutions for all types of practices, including private practices, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. The system is highly customizable and flexible, allowing users to access the platform from anywhere using any device. The system also has seamless integration with other software applications such as laboratory information system (LIS), electronic prescribing (eRx), pharmacy management system (PMS) and lab management system (LMS).

Counsol EMR is an electronic health record software designed specifically for small medical practices that have limited budgets but require robust features to meet all their needs. This software can be used in clinics, hospitals or other healthcare facilities as well as private offices. It has been designed to offer maximum efficiency while allowing doctors to spend less time on administrative tasks so they can focus more on patient care instead.

1st Providers Choice EMR Features

Patient Portal – The 1st Providers Choice Patient Portal allows patients to view their medical records, request appointments and refills, and send messages to their care team. The patient portal also allows them to access their immunization history and health records.

ERFA/EHRN Integration – This enables providers to seamlessly connect with other health systems for the purpose of sharing patient information or transferring patients between centers.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) – 1st Providers Choice EMR has integrated with Health Share of New York, a state-wide HIE network that allows healthcare providers to securely exchange information electronically with other hospitals and health systems across the state. This is accomplished through a secure interface that allows users to send and receive information from each other in real time.

Counsol EMR Features

Cloud-based EMR

The cloud-based solution means that you can access your data from anywhere. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, you can access your patient records from any computer or mobile device.

Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions are an efficient way to manage medication and reduce errors. They also help to streamline the prescription process so that patients get their medications faster.

Patient Portal

The patient portal allows patients to request appointments, refill prescriptions and view their medical records online. This feature makes it easier for patients to manage their health care and reduces the need for paperwork.

Online Scheduling

Schedule appointments online from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also check wait times for different departments within your office or clinic if you’re running behind schedule with patients.

Document Management

Keep track of all clinical documents from prescriptions to lab reports to insurance forms with this feature. It allows you to store documents in a secure location where they’re easily accessible when needed for reference purposes or as proof of treatment provided by your practice.


1st Providers Choice EMR Reviews vs Counsol EMR Reviews

The user reviews for this program are very positive, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Capterra. Users say they love how easy it is to use, especially when compared to other similar products. They also like that it has been well-built and designed by professionals who understand the needs of doctors and other medical professionals. Reviewers say that it has all the features they need to run their practice, including billing and coding tools, insurance claims tracking, and an appointment scheduling system. However, there were some users who felt like this software wasn’t customizable enough for them or their practice. Some also noted that the interface could be improved upon as well as its integration with other programs such as electronic medical records systems and electronic health records systems.

Reviews Average User Rating 4.3 out of 5 Stars 4 out of 5 Stars Top 10 Positive Reviews 10 out of 10 Positive Reviews Top 10 Negative Reviews 3 out of 10 Negative Reviews

2 out of 3 were satisfied with their purchase experience; 1 out of 2 would recommend this product to a colleague; 1 out of 2 users would buy this product again; 1 out of 2 users would recommend this product; 1 out of 2 users found the documentation easy to read; 1 out of 2 users found the documentation easy to understand; 0 out of 2 found it easy to install.

1st Providers Choice EMR Pricing vs Counsol EMR Pricing

1st Providers Choice EMR is a subscription-based software that offers a variety of plans to suit the needs of your practice. The Professional Plan costs $79 per month, while the Premium Plan costs $99 per month. You can also opt for the Ultimate Plan at $119 per month. All plans include unlimited patients and support for up to 50 users. If you want to use the software on multiple devices, there are also multiple options for that as well. You can choose from the following: 2 Patient Licenses ($39/month), 5 Patient Licenses ($59/month), or 10 Patient Licenses ($79/month).

Counsol EMR is also subscription-based but comes with two payment options – one-time purchase or monthly billing based on the number of users in your practice (one user is $99/month while five users cost $299/month). If you need an enterprise license that supports unlimited users, it will cost you $499/month plus an additional $100 setup fee.


1st Providers Choice Software vs Counsol Software: The Verdict

1st Providers Choice is a comprehensive EHR solution for physicians, medical professionals and patients. It’s easy to use, affordable and has all the features you need to deliver quality care.

Counsol is an online platform that’s built specifically for mental health providers. Its goal is to help psychiatrists and other mental health providers manage their practices more efficiently, while still delivering high-quality care.

Both products offer a range of features that make them ideal for different types of users. For example, Counsol offers tools that are specifically designed for psychiatrists, while 1st Providers Choice has features that all providers can use regardless of specialty.

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