The financial environment of India looks promising as big MNCS and business enterprises have started investing in large numbers. As a result, traditional business courses are regaining their position in the field of education. Students are getting interested in leading a corporate life due to the financial independence they offer. Out of all the MBA courses, a specific course is receiving tremendous response from the aspirants and that is an MBA degree in Finance. Job opportunities for MBA in Finance in India are huge. The study of finance in India has never looked so promising before which is why students are enrolling for MBA in Finance programs. This blog post will discuss some job opportunities for finance students so that they can have a clear view of the prospect of the course.

  • Investment Banking

 The job of an Investment banker is to assist clients manage funds, offering finance-related advice, and helping companies during mergers and acquisitions. They assist their clients in raising capital for their businesses by working as their client’s agents in issuing debts or equity securities. They provide services like market making, FICC services (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities), and investment-related research. Individuals pursuing MBA in Finance in India have the chance of working as an Investment banker for several investment banks with high-paying salaries and leading a financially safe & secure life. An MBA degree in Finance opens doors to lucrative career opportunities that are too good to ignore.

  • Corporate Finance

The following job opportunity deals with financial issues in the corporate sector. An individual in this job role assists his or her clients to make smart choices in terms of investment. They help clients to increase their company’s profit and minimize costs. In simple terms, they work as an acting liaison between the financial market and the company. They focus on certain activities that help in raising capital for business establishments. MBA in Finance in India enables business aspirants to brush up on their leadership & troubleshooting skills and match the industry standard. Corporate Finance experts are responsible for making financial decisions for their respective companies.

  • Investment Management

The job role of an Investment manager is to maintain investment portfolios as well as buy and sell assets for their employers. They design both long-term & short-term investment strategies depending on the financial situation of the company. An investment manager supervises assets on behalf of their employers and even makes decisions to sell a certain asset if that specific asset becomes a liability and incurs losses. They are considered reliable allies by their employers as they prove to be instrumental in asset management. Students doing an MBA in Finance in India have the opportunity of shaping their future and achieve their respective goals with the help of numerous job opportunities provided to them.

  • Sales Management

The most challenging job role of the lot is sales Management. If practiced with sheer commitment, a beginner in sales management can prove to be an essential member of their respective organization. It is a method of creating an effective sales force that can implement effective sales techniques to increase sales numbers for the company. Competent sales managers are highly-paid professionals who understand the market better than anyone else and they know the methods of selling products or services for their clients with a guarantee of improving the numbers. MBA in Finance in India has improved millions of lives by giving business aspirants the necessary platform to improve their skills and a way to showcase those skills.  

  • Financial Management

The following job title means that an individual is hired by multinational companies or business enterprises to make strategic planning, directing, organizing, and maintaining various financial undertakings for them. They focus on improving their employer’s profit, cash flow, credit, and expenses to make sure their employers have the necessary means to fulfill their organizational goals. They often work as financial advisors to their corporate clients to make sure that the client’s finances are secure and safe by working closely with investment managers and investment bankers. 


The above-mentioned job roles are some of the job opportunities that come with doing an MBA in Finance in India. The prospect of high income and chances of having a career with a bright future has influenced several business aspirants as well as students from different educational backgrounds to seek admission to an MBA degree, especially in Finance. MNCs and business enterprises are hiring individuals with educational backgrounds in finance to give them a competitive edge in the market and move them higher in the race for market domination.