With the holiday season in full swing, it is time to start thinking about gift baskets to share with your loved ones. If you are searching for ideas to make yours stand out, DIY it at home and charm your loved ones with thoughtful surprises. What better way than to add some fantastic desserts to your hamper this year? They are crowd pleasers and will bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

There are always eggless cakes to add to the bunch for the ones who prefer it vegetarian. So, pause your search and add these sweet treats to this year’s holiday gift basket:


A pack of delicious cookies with the right amount of chew and flavour is mandatory in any DIY sweet hamper. So, hunt for the tastiest ones and add them to yours. You can choose melt-in-your-mouth vanilla-flavoured ones with a generous dose of dark chocolate chunks or pick double choco-chip cookies made with chocolate cookie dough and packed with chunky knobs of chocolate in every bite.


Tea cakes are another great addition to this list and present you with ample options to pick the ones you love. An eggless mava cake made using a traditional recipe, and a generous quantity of khoya or mava, the trendy banana cake flavoured with ripe bananas and cinnamon or a pure chocolate dense loaf that is a hit with everybody, the choices are many.


No holiday hamper is complete without a box of assorted brownies, and you can add some decadent choices nowadays.

Besides the original version, try varieties like a dense and fudgy overload brownie packed with dark chocolate, a cookie brownie that amalgamates the best of both a cookie and a brownie, an indulgent chocolate chip brownie that is topped with a generous amount of buttery caramel and dark chocolate truffle, eggless brownies like a chocolate one made using flax seeds, etc.


Like brownies, biscuits are popular additions to hampers today, with several types to opt for. Help yourself to Italian almond biscotti with lots of almonds. Choose sourdough crackers flavoured with black pepper. Pick some delicious buttery Palmiers. Alternatively, go for eggless butter cookies made with almond flour and flavoured with vanilla. You are spoilt for choices!


Summer or winter, chocolates are excellent as gifts. So, you cannot finish packing a holiday gift box without adding a few. Choose fancy options like almond rocks made with perfectly crispy and toasted almonds coated in pure dark chocolate and wrapped in shiny paper. These also let you add the perfect glam and cheer to your festive boxes!

Besides these, include some caramel popcorn, holiday-themed candy sticks, marshmallows, gummy bears, etc., to the mix. Wow your guests with a beautiful hamper!

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