There are over 13,700 food and beverage services in Singapore, so competition among businesses is fiercer than ever. For yours to stand out and stay in the minds of customers, you’ll need to execute a bullet-proof restaurant marketing plan.

In such a competitive landscape, having the right restaurant marketing solutions is crucial to your success in the food and beverage industry. They allow you to reach out to your target audiences and promote your brand more efficiently.

To help you out, here are some effective restaurant marketing solutions that could get new customers through your doors, increase overall diner satisfaction, and encourage customers to keep coming back.

Set up a Google Business Profile

Most customers looking for dining suggestions online typically rely on Google, which is why it’s important to set up your restaurant’s Google Business Account. It’s a free marketing tool that allows F&B businesses to manage their online presence via Google.

It gives you more control over the information that potential customers see online and allows you to appear in local search results and Google Maps.

Build an engaging website

A website is non-negotiable if you want a stronger online presence. It makes it easier for customers to find you and opens your restaurant up to a much larger customer base.

You can’t create just any professional website, though. At the bare minimum, it needs to be optimized, so you need a home page, menu section, and contact page.

The most important thing is that every detail that customers need to know before dining at your restaurant should be displayed.

Just a friendly reminder here that building a website is a laborious task, so better leave it to the hands of a web designer.

Invest in an online reservation and ordering platform

Online booking platforms have pretty much become another requirement for restaurants.

Diners find the convenience of booking seats and ordering food online irresistible, so investing in these platforms will surely make your restaurant more enticing.

When people get to order at home or on their own, they might add more items than they would if they had to wait for someone to take their orders.

Online ordering platforms for restaurants could help with your business operations too. You don’t have to hire extra manpower to take orders via phone calls and at the counter, so it’s also a cost-efficient decision.

Plus, these online platforms create a safe, contactless dining experience that many diners are looking for given today’s climate.

Hold promos and contests

Another way to spread the word about your restaurant is through promos and contests.

Holding a contest through your social media channels is the best way to expand your restaurant’s reach organically. The secret to social media promos is to have a unique, appealing prize.

Instead of something generic like gift cards, offer something specific like a dinner for two, free one-month delivery, discounted free-flowing drinks, or anything that would further encourage them to dine at your restaurant.

Ask people to enter by posting about the contest and tagging their friends or using your hashtag. This is an effective way of increasing your followers and bringing in your local audience.

Respond to reviews

How you respond to your guests’ reviews (whether good or bad) shapes how people online perceive your restaurant.

When it comes to positive reviews, the best way to respond is to show that you value their input and that you want to hear more from them.

Meanwhile, when responding to not-so-positive reviews, be as polite and professional as possible and then offer to provide a solution offline.