Dates are one such superfood that are healthy, tasty and extremely popular these days. Dates have a huge demand globally and some of the world’s most renowned celebrities like to munch on these tasty and delightful dried fruits. Owing to their tremendous properties and plethora of nutritious benefits, dates are in huge demand these days. However, the supply of dates is limited due to the constraints of the area and geography. Not every country in the world produces dates and even if they do they lack the quality, texture and characteristics of premium dates. Hence, the dates you get from your local supermarket might be adulterated and low-quality dates that have less or totally no nutrient content and lack the taste and goodness of premium dates. So now you might be wondering what is the way out. Well, don’t worry because we at OMARA DATES have found your escape. If munching on superior quality, chemical free and premium dates is your desire then Omara dates should be your go-to dates. Out of the numerous variety of dates available we have only chosen to supply the dates that rank high in the hierarchy. Our taste is best and our products are free from any artificial processing and we make sure there is not a slight variation in the taste during packaging and processing but if you have not yet been convinced about Omara dates. Let’s share with you all 5 reasons why Omara date is the best.

1. For Us Quality Is the King

At Omara dates, we ensure that quality dates are supplied to you. We understand that dates are a powerhouse of beneficial nutrients and vitamins that you might be consuming for your health so by no means do we try to change the natural composition of our dates. You get them as natural and fresh as possible. Our Best-QUALITY DATES do not have any content of sulphur. We try to minimise the use of preservatives, and any added sugar At Omara dates we ensure the flavour is completely authentic and no artificial flavouring has been done to the dates. Our premium dates are dried yet we ensure the softness of these dates is retained. Our Dates are soft dried and rehydrated with water and pasteurised at 75°C to naturally increase their shelf life without any use of artificial chemicals.

2. Our Dates Have High Nutrient Content

Every date is full of nutrients, and vitamins there is no doubt regarding this. But one must admit that based on geography, location and variation in temperature dates may vary in taste, colour, and texture. This variation results in dates being categorized as premium or low-quality dates. And at Omara dates, we make sure that you are supplied only with the best quality dates like medjool dates, khidri etc. Unlike artificial supplements that increase your insulin levels and are known to do more harm than good. Incorporating Omara dates in your routine provides you with a perfect balance of important vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that help your body to grow and heal from the damage that artificial supplements may have caused. Our high dates are high in calories, but these are healthy calories that have a low glycemic index and a lot of fibre. So you can enjoy a handful of dates without being apologetic later. The OMARA DATES have within them the right amount of calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese that are hard to find in other superfoods in this percentage.

3. Our Dates Are a Healthy Munching Alternative

In the times we like obesity is a pandemic and every country is suffering from obesity and the cases are on the prowl. Hence many fad diet companies claim to give you products that have less sugar, are gluten-free and so on but in reality, these products have a lot of artificial flavouring agents, flavours and additives that lead you more into obesity but with Omara dates, you can lead a healthy and happy lifestyle while actually snacking on tasty and delightful dates. These dates are a perfect substitute for sugar and shall help you reduce those extra kilos without losing on taste and health. Avoiding sugar is the best possible thing that one can do to curb obesity, however, it is easier said than done, sugar is an essential part of many beverages and other items like cakes. So avoiding it is a bit difficult. However, our Omara dates are one such superfood that has got the caramel-like taste of sugar without being harmful to you. Our taste is amazingly delicious because of the high fructose and glucose content in them which gets absorbed by our body quickly.

4. Our Dates Are Easy to Carry

Big delights often come in small packages. This is also true with Omara Dates our dates come in continent packaging that is easy to carry wherever you go. You can enjoy these gluten-free snacks wherever you go. We make sure that our dates are always high in quality and taste that will keep you healthy and strong wherever you are.

5. We Have Those Dates That Are a Fusion of Health and Taste

With dates being one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated. They naturally have a perfect balance of macro and micronutrients and a variety of other vitamins and minerals thus this makes them an essential snack or component of our lifestyle so when we term dates magical for health we are absolutely correct but one needs to understand that in addition to being healthy dates need to retain their taste as well. The taste of dates is what makes them loved by all. And at Omara dates we understand it fully hence we ensure that our dates taste as authentic as they are in their home country without losing their value.


These were some of the reasons why Omara Dates are best there are other reasons as well that we shall discuss subsequently. But till then whenever the thought of having the best and premium quality dates strikes your mind Go for Omara dates.