We don’t think that the hot water system in Canberra has gone downhill until we get only cold water coming out from the tap. Unfortunately, after a long period of usage, the equipment wears out and you’ll need to buy new ones. However, you don’t have to buy a new one and replace it at once, it may just need some attention. Being aware of the warning signs on your heating system can save you cash in the end. If you notice these five warning signs that you’re in trouble, it’s time to call to get help for a hot water system repair canberra.

No Hot Water

“No hot water whatsoever”! If you tap and discover there’s none of the hot water you expect, it could be that there is a problem with the heating system because of the defective heating element or the pilot light going out or a malfunctioning thermostat. Maintenance will help you identify the issue and resolve the issue instead of replacing the whole unit.

It leaks

Leaks are another indication that your hot water system is in need of repairs. When the tank is heated it expands, and with time the contraction and expansion of the tank’s metal because of cooling and heating could cause cracks. There is a chance that a hose has become broken or an element in your heater has been disconnected too. It is recommended to contact the maintenance department to have them inspect the hot water system and take the necessary steps.

Strange Sounds

A natural sound from your hot water system is normal since it is a significant appliance. If however, you notice high-pitched rumbling or popping sound coming from inside the appliance then it’s time to contact a repairman. It’s possible it is due to mineral build-up that has accumulated in the appliance and caused it to overheat while trying to keep the water warm. This not only makes the water difficult to heat, it may also start to heat up the heating element due to the fact that it has to work so hard to heat the water. The sediments within can cause noises when it whirls around. If you begin to hear noises emanating from your geyser, it’s a good idea to get it flushed.


Rusty Water

When you switch the faucet on and find that the water has a rust colour or discoloured at all, it could indicate that the interior in the tank has started beginning to rust. It might also indicate it is because the sediment has been flowing through the water and pipes. If you begin to notice the water turning brown, it could mean that the geyser could be becoming corroded inside. 

If the geyser is beginning to rust, it doesn’t take long before it bursts and leaks. Geysers are equipped with anode rods which are specifically designed to draw all the corrosive elements present in the water. If you’re experiencing the smell of rusty water from your faucet It may be an indication the anode rod is in need of an upgrade and that it’s time to contact the plumber for hot water system repair canberra.


Hot water system thermostats have been designed to fail when in the open or off position. When the thermostat is in this position, the geyser’s water stops heating. Sometimes the thermostat fails to operate when it is in its “on ” position when this happens, and the heater’s water will boil and the geyser might overheat and explode. The most frequent cause of overheating is due to a malfunctioning thermostat. This can be dangerous and needs to be dealt with immediately. Turn off the geyser, and then call the plumber.


It is crucial to keep up with the plumbing appliances if you don’t want to encounter frequent plumbing issues, particularly when it plays a significant part in your day-to-day routine. Repairs are needed to make sure your home functions as regular.