When you are re-doing the space, there are a thousand things that you might plan to change, but you also have to make sure that all the things you decide to change should go well with each other.


Yes yes! Don’t worry, we got you covered!


We have created the 5 things that would go amazing with whatever decor you decide to give to your space!

Here is the list of things that would help you get your re-decor perfectly!


  1. Enough Free-Space


Re-decoring the space doesn’t mean you would buy all the unnecessary stuff and put it all around the room!


Make Sure It Isn’t Crammed!


When we initially think of re-decoring the first thought that comes to mind is getting a huge bed, greater mattress and throw pillows!

Wherein, throw pillows might be a good idea but a huge bed, think again!


Yes, having a large mattress may feel luxurious and lovely, but not if it makes your entire sleeping area appear incredibly little. According to Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design, “I would trade a king for a full any day if it provided me more floor space.” When you have room for nightstands on either side, you’ll be glad you did it!


  1. Nightstand/ Coffee table-

Now speaking of nightstands, if you are decoring or re-decoring the bedroom then a nightstand by the side of the bed is not only for the aesthetic but it helps pretty well in the coming future.


And if you are looking to re-decorating the living room or any other room; a coffee table will be a useful and great piece of furniture. And yes it will go great with the re-decoring part of a house as well. Considering there are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing a coffee table that can go with your color, material, and texture of the re-decored house or you can make a customized one as well that would go great with your re-decor theme.


  1. Color of the Walls-


Re-coloring the walls is the major part if you are looking to re-decorating the house. The colors of the walls actually change the vibes and mood of the room!


You don’t really need to know the color theory to decide which color would look great on the walls of your house. Yellow, white, and cream colors would look bright and sunny. The grey color is something that people are going for these days but it is a little dark tone. But again you’d know it better according to the theme of the rest of the re-decor.


  1. Painting-


One kind of art—paintings—can convey feelings that a thousand words cannot!


The unusual blending of hues and textures adds calm and a sense of connection to nature. When purchasing one, pay attention to the appropriate size and texture. If you own one, your visitors will awe at the work of art. You may easily find a variety of paintings online that you can hang in your house as part of your decor, such as acrylic or oil paintings. They are simple to purchase and can be made to your specifications in terms of size.


  1. Lights-induced Fans-


The only reason why telling this to you, in the end, is that it is super amazing and my favorite product.

No house re-decore can be completed without a change in lights!

The color of the walls sets the tone, and as true that is, enough lights in the house keep the mood.


“A room should be enough lit that one shouldn’t understand whether it is daytime or has been night.” – yet said nobody but how true is that!


And what if I told you that having enough light in the room, good ventilation, and in a chandelier, would you believe me?

Actually, you should!


The Fan Studio has this amazing combination of an illuminating fan that gives a royal feeling of a chandelier as well!

Check out the collection of illuminating fans on the website of The Fan Studio.

Quite a few things like- a home plant, some unique wallpapers, a variety of textures, few floral arrangements, might do the magic for your re-decore of your room as well.