Rubies are mostly used in engagement rings rather than fashion jewelry in the present times. Every bride wants her lover to propose to her with a ruby engagement ring. Now that you’ve also decided to pop the question to your lady love with an engagement ring encrusted with ruby, allow me to help you choose one for her with five useful tips.

Tip 1: Choose From Natural Or Lab-made Ruby

The first and foremost thing that you need to apply your thoughtful consideration to is whether you want a natural or lab-made ruby engagement ring stone. Now, deciding on this aspect of your ruby engagement ring should start with setting a budget. That’s because we both know that natural rubies are way more expensive than lab-made rubies, despite the fact that both natural and lab-made rubies have the same physical and optical properties. Lab-made rubies are formed under controlled environments in laboratories.

These are every inch similar to natural rubies. The only difference between natural and lab-made rubies is that the latter ones are formed in laboratories. So, you first need to decide whether you have enough funds to pick a natural ruby engagement ring without breaking the bank or not. If you have the budget for it, you can ditch the lab-made ruby engagement ring. However, if you don’t have sufficient funds, opt for a lab-made ruby centerstone.

Tip 2: Choose An Expert Jeweler With Trustworthy Reputation

The next tip is that you should choose a reputed and expert jeweler. The reason supporting this suggestion is that an expert jeweler will help you better in choosing or designing your ruby engagement ring compared to a local jeweler with a doubtful reputation. An expert jeweler will enlighten you about the quality and grading factors of ruby to help you precisely get your dream engagement ring stone. You can choose a reputed and expert jeweler by checking out their reviews on the internet. Also, you can ask your family and friends to help you in this endeavor.

Tip 3: Pick A Color

You’ve probably decided to propose to your lady love with a ruby engagement ring because you both love rubies for their red color. So, it’s evident that you’re looking for a ruby with a pure red color. However, pure red color rubies are too expensive. So, again, choosing the color of your ruby engagement ring boils down to your budget. If you’re low on budget, you can opt for a ruby with strong purple hues because such hues in rubies affect their price dramatically. You can also go for a ruby with orange hues because it’ll not hurt your budget.

ruby engagement ring

Tip 4: Ask About Enhancements

You should inquire about the enhancements, if any, of your ruby engagement ring stone to your jeweler. That’s because there are some particular enhancements, other than the usual heat treatment ones, that have a negative impact on the durability of ruby gemstones. Therefore, those rubies that undergo such enhancements that reduce their durability sell for much less than those that aren’t enhanced. You can check out information about the various treatments of the ruby in question by taking a look at its laboratory report.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget About The Certificates Of Authenticity

This is the most valuable of all the tips that I’m sharing with you in this article. People often buy jewelry pieces from local jewelers who don’t get their gemstones appraised by reputed laboratories. The thing with such jewelers is that you can’t trust the authenticity of their gemstones. Therefore, you should ask your jeweler for the relevant certificates of authenticity for your ruby engagement ring. If your jeweler doesn’t get its jewelry appraised by reputed laboratories, don’t get your ruby engagement ring from there.

ruby engagement ring

The Bottom Line

These are the five useful tips that’ll surely help you get the perfect ruby engagement ring without hurting your budget. You can share these tips with your family and friends who buy jewelry pieces every now and then.