There are many types of primary care physicians in Orange County, such as obstetrics, pediatrics, internal medicine, and gynaecology. What type of physician is best suited for your family?

Selecting the right primary care doctor is an important decision for a person, as it impacts the health of the family and the quality of care they receive during illness. Therefore, this article will briefly discuss the types of primary care physicians in Orange County and help you make an optimum choice.

Who are primary care physicians in Orange County?

A primary care physician in Orange County is a doctor to rely on for your health conditions and emergencies. These doctors offer preventive care, like screenings, physical routing, immunizations, etc. They help patients diagnose underlying illnesses and start the right course of medication. For chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension, primary care physicians may direct you towards the right specialist, and further help you make lifestyle changes for improved health.

Common care services offered by primary care physicians are:

  • Prescribing regular medicines, such as birth control or thyroid
  • Regular body check-ups
  • Emergency care in chronic issues
  • Chronic illness management

Importance of having a primary care physician

A primary care physician in Orange County is important because they:

  • Manage your and your family’s health
  • Know the medical history of every person
  • Are available for emergency care
  • Reduce expenses on healthcare
  • Manage chronic illness
  • Support major lifestyle changes
  • Detects chronic illnesses early
  • Suggest the correct specialist for optimum care

How often do people visit their primary care physicians?

Usually, people visit their primary care physician whenever they are experiencing any health problem. These doctors are the primary care contact for every family member. Whether the issue is big or small, the first visit is to the primary care physician. In the case of females, it can also be OB-GYN.

5 types of primary care physicians

There are different types of primary care physicians, who are trained to treat various health issues. Below we have discussed the type of primary care doctors you should visit for various healthcare problems.

1 – Pediatricians

Pediatricians are children’s doctors, who help treat health issues from birth till adulthood. These primary care doctors help parents with minor injuries and illnesses experienced by children or toddlers. These doctors also offer healthcare to children like a family medicine doctor, but they specialize in child care only.

There are multiple conditions and illnesses that children experience, and consulting a pediatrician is the best way to overcome different developmental milestones. Further, these medical professionals receive special training for engaging and talking to children in a comfortable manner. This allows even shy children to talk to the doctor and openly speak about the issues they are facing.

2 – Internal medicine physician

Internal medicine physicians treat only adults and they offer primary care to people from early or young adulthood to old age. They help patients manage both minor and complex health conditions without challenges.

These primary care physicians in Orange County meet patients’ preventive and specialized care needs. They are able to detect and treat chronic conditions at the onset of symptoms.

3 – Family medicine doctor

Family medicine doctor, as the name suggests, takes care of the entire family, including toddlers, parents, babies, and grandparents. If any person in your family is not feeling well, down with flu, or has unusual symptoms, this doctor knows the family’s history which helps them offer optimum healthcare.

A family medicine doctor is convenient for the entire family. You don’t need to run to a new doctor every time someone in the family is experiencing any health issues. This one person can take care of your healthcare needs. Over time, they become your trustworthy source and emergency doctor in case you need to consult over the call.

4 – Internal medicine pediatrician

An internal medicine pediatrician is a doctor with a dual degree in pediatrics and internal medicine. Therefore, they are able to treat both adults and kids, helping the entire family manage their health without challenges.

These doctors have dual certification and they specialise in diagnosing chronic and minor health issues. They can manage the entire family’s specialized care needs.

5 – OB-GYN

OB-GYN are obstetricians and gynaecologists who specialize in female reproductive health. They offer optimum care to women, including pelvic exams, pap tests, and STI tests. These doctors help females with different challenges, such as family planning, birth control, etc.

Usually, women have an OB-GYN and a primary care physician in Orange County for complete healthcare needs. These doctors are imperative to take care of female reproductive health, treat infections, and detect issues early.


Selecting a primary care physician is a decision that impacts your entire family. We have discussed the types of physicians that you can choose for your primary care needs. Weigh the benefits of every type of doctor and then find the right primary care physician in Orange County. However, remember that if you have females in your family, it is imperative to have an OB-GYN as well as any other primary care physician for all round needs.

Read more about the types of primary care physicians above and make the right decision.