Lights are very important when it comes to decorating our home. We want it to be perfect. The right type of lighting will create a bright and positive environment in your house. This will affect your mood, productivity and overall balance. A dark and cold room will always be unwelcoming and dull. This shift of environment can be felt so easily. That is why getting the right is very important. The right type includes the light, functionality, aesthetics and size. Once you have these figured out, the lighting will look just perfect. Lights these days are not just about the functionality. We all pay very close attention to smaller details such as the material and design of the light. It is very important for us to have a lamp which looks great during the day when the lamp isn’t turned on. It is because of this we are looking at many creative ways to make the best use of our lamps. We use it to make many creative choices such as the overall style and design of the space. We have started looking at all the different types of lights. Chandeliers are one such type. Chandeliers have grown very popular in recent times. Many people have started shifting to having a chandelier. Gone are those days where chandeliers meant only luxury. It’s not just used inside palaces and hotels but is being used at homes as well. They are probably the best addition to your place. There are multiple ways in which you can use these chandeliers in our homes making them the centerpiece. Here are 5 ways you can use chandeliers as centerpieces
  • The Classic Chandeliers
When we think about chandeliers we all probably have the same picture in our minds. The traditional chandeliers are the ones which we have popularly seen in hotel lobbies or palaces. The branched out candelabras, the concentric circles in layers, use of glass or crystals are all the eye-catching features of a classic traditional chandelier. These types of chandeliers are also being used at homes. The grandeur it creates is being liked by the majority. You can use a smaller sized chandelier of the same style and hang it in areas which look empty. You can hang them in your living room or hang them above your dining table. They will make great centerpieces. You can look at Pegasus Chandelier and Pink Bouquet Chandelier
  • Contemporary Style
These are very similar to ones we have seen in the traditional styles. They are a little less majestic compared to the classic chandeliers. They are a bit compact and not branched out. They are still majestic but they take up less space. These contemporary styled chandeliers also have glass or crystals within them. You can style these chandeliers similarly to the classic ones. You can hang them in your living or dining room. You can adjust the height according to the space. Make sure the chandeliers are proportionate to the space and your furniture. They are generally considered impractical for homes but can still be used very beautifully. Have a look at Contemporary Chandelier and Crystal Chandelier
  • Industrial Trend
These Industrial styles are currently trending. Everyone loves this style. So why not make centerpieces using similar styled chandeliers. These chandeliers are basically very raw. Straight pipes or ropes, naked bulbs, exposed wires are the stand out features in this style. These types of chandeliers can be used anywhere in your space. If you have empty hallways or a spacious bedroom. It would give a nice industrial look. As in a very raw and natural look. They would look amazing even during the day. Their aesthetics are very appealing. They are perfect for urban homes. Take a look at Beach House Chandelier  and Branching Chandelier 
Branching 8 Light Antique Copper Chandelier
  • Bohemian Look
These are modern day styled chandeliers. The ones who love a chandelier but want a modern yet classy look, these chandeliers are the ones to go for. Not only are they modern styled but they also have a very relaxing aesthetic. Unlike the traditional chandeliers who splash a lot of drama, these lights are very subtle. These lights can be used anywhere. You do nor require a high ceiling or a large space to hang these lights. You can find these chandeliers in many materials as well. They are not very specific to glass or ropes. A very classy looking chandelier can make an amazing centerpiece. A few examples are Modern Chandelier and Modern Cone Chandelier
Modern Cone Antique Brass Chandelier
  • Minimal Design
We all love a little minimalism. Not too much is our go to mantra. We love the elegant vibes minimalism offers. These minimally styled chandeliers have become popular for similar reasons. They are not just practical for compact spaces but look aesthetically elegant. You can pair a couple of these lights to create a cluster and hang them in your living room. They are famous for simple geometrical shapes. You can combine shapes, colors and sizes to create amazing centerpieces. They would very easily look as centerpieces without even trying hard. You can try using Paola Light or Celestial Chandelier
World Of Crystals Three Way Remote Lighting Chandelier
These are a couple of ways on how you can very easily create centerpieces. Centerpieces are generally products which catch your eye instantly. So you can achieve this just by creating something unique and different. All of this depends on the style you love and the theme you are following in your space. Make sure these lights also follow a similar theme. And you will have a beautiful centerpiece for your space.