Whether you’ve just moved into your new home and want to make it your own, or are renovating your existing home, the type of flooring you choose can have a significant impact on the property as whole.

From visuals, to comfort, flooring is something that everyone notices when they enter another person’s home, and while there are a lot of choices out there, it’s important to make the right selection for your needs and that of your home. Some areas of your home may need more robust flooring, able to withstand a lot of foot traffic for example, whereas other areas of the home may suit plusher, more luxurious flooring. If you’re on a budget however, your options may be a little more limited in terms of achieving a luxurious effect, but there are some great flooring solutions out there for anyone watching the pennies, and here are 6 of the best budget busting choices:

  1. Ceramic floor tiles

Costing a lot less than porcelain or stone flooring, ceramic tiles are the cheapest among all the tiling options. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re in any way inferior to costlier types of tiles, and coming in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, they can be a great choice. Just watch out for very cheap ceramic tiles which are prone to cracking.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl has gotten a bad rap in recent years in terms of flooring, but thanks to advances in technology and changing tastes, it’s now a durable and highly water resistant flooring option for anyone on a budget.

  1. Cheap but quality carpet

Did you know that you can still get a great foot-feel carpet on a limited budget? Provided you have the time and patience to search online and instore for deals on carpets, it’s very much possible to find a more luxurious one at an affordable price. Warm and cosy underneath your feet during the winter months, carpet can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating and is both an outstanding heat and sound insulator.

  1. LVT flooring

Beautiful, stylish and incredibly practical, while polished concrete is a wonderful flooring choice for modern homes, it comes with a hefty price tag attached to it. If you want to achieve the polished concrete look on a budget, however, you might want to consider something known as LVT flooring, or luxury vinyl tiles. To see what’s on offer in the LVT range, browse an online carpet retailers catalogue, or call in to your nearest carpet shop.

  1. Fake timber

Often made from materials such as vinyl, porcelain and ceramic, flooring made to resemble timber is a popular choice for anyone re-flooring their home without a huge amount of money to spend, but who still want to achieve that rustic, homely feel to their floors. Low maintenance and coming in textured varieties to offer an effect that’s as close to walking on timber as possible, nobody will know your timber flooring isn’t the real deal!

  1. Laminate flooring

Composed of compressed fibreboard planks and a layer on the top that resembles the effect of wood, laminate flooring is a less superior product than wooden flooring, but a far more affordable one. If you’re searching for a hardwearing type of flooring that resembles wood flooring in Aston, but your budget won’t stretch that far, you should definitely consider laminated flooring.

Always check online carpet retailers and local carpet stores for the latest deals and reductions, and keep in mind that if a cheaper flooring product is made to resemble a costlier version, will anyone else even be able to tell?