In case of a flight changing or canceling due to any reason, you are not provided with a refund often. So, you need to have options that allow you skip any charges for flight changes and cancellations. And to help you with the same, here are smart 6 hacks to change or cancel your flight booking without paying any charges.

How to Change Your Flight for Free?

When you change or cancel your flight ticket booking, you are mostly charged with some fee. So, here are some tips to help you know how you can save yourself from paying anything and get your flight changed and canceled.

Go with a 24-hour Window

Usually travel waivers are issued when AA will have its flights delayed or canceled. Natural calamity, weather disruptions, etc. might cause such situations. To help its passengers, AA offers flexibility at their convenience.

As per American Airlines Cancellations Policy, you can cancel your flight ticket booking for free within a 24-hour window and get a full refund. However, your flight booked must be scheduled at least after 7 days.

Keep an Eye on Schedule Changes

You can also avoid paying any flight change or cancellation charges if the schedule of your flight changes after you have made the booking. Be sure to get a refund if the arrival or departure of your flight changes by at least 90 minutes.

Remember that schedule changes might vary. So, it is good to keep checking your flight schedule on the official website of the airline.

Opt for Trip Cancellation Insurance

Have you bought your tickets with specific cards and have to go for an American Airlines Change Flight for reasons like serious health issues? The trip cancellation insurance covers you that is available with your card, you made payment with.

You can also choose trip cancellation insurance while making your flight ticket booking. For instance, credit card coverage that covers accidents and illness.

Earn Elite Status

With an elite status, you can be at an advantage. Your status plays an instrumental role in waiving off the change fees when the flight change request is raised on the same day.

Having a higher status gives you an added flexibility if you are looking forward to switching your flight to an earlier one at the eleventh hour.

Have A Good Reason

In the event of falling ill, an unfortunate situation like death of someone in the family, or a natural calamity, you can avail waiver on the change fee.

Have valid documents handy as proof. Moreover, American Airlines Refund Policy supports this and exempts the travelers from any change or cancellation fee in such circumstances.

Consider Your Credit Card Coverage

If you have made the booking with your airline credit card or travel rewards, you can get interruption and trip cancellation insurances.

There are instances when such coverage helps you with cancellation and change fees along with various eligible, nonrefundable expenses.

In a nutshell, you need not pay any cancellation or change fees while traveling on any AA flight that operates within the U.S. or to/from Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Puerto Rico,  the Caribbean, or Central America.

Moreover, international itineraries that spring in the U.S don’t imply any change or cancellation fees. Only fare difference is applicable. However, basic economy tickets are not included in this fee exemption unless a travel waiver is there.