Uzbekistan is a hub for medical education and the credit for making this Central Asian country a center of learning for medical science goes to its universities.

Uzbekistan is fast emerging as a preferred destination for MBBS in abroad. It is a Central Asian country with many institutions of higher learning for medical science. Many medical colleges in Uzbekistan provide a wide range of course programs including general medicine, surgery, dentistry, pediatrics, orthopedics, and psychology. These universities have many advantages over others.

Advantages of medical studies in Uzbekistan

  1. Choice of courses

Medical science has many branches and more branches are emerging with its development. The healthcare industry needs more professionals to manage medical services. Uzbekistan universities provide more choices in courses so students can choose the right path. They want students to rise above the competition.

  1. Using technology for teaching

The traditional way of teaching is time-consuming. It leaves no time for teachers to answer the queries of students. But the latest technologies like digital boards that can connect to the web can bring speed to teaching. Also, teachers feel more confident in replying to the queries raised by students.

  1. Practical training

Medical education involves the use of devices like ECG, EEG, CT Scans, defibrillators, and endoscopy. Students can have a better understanding of the features, uses, and functioning of healthcare devices with practical training. Uzbekistan universities provide practical training on all types of medical devices. Here they get first-hand experience of working with healthcare machines.

  1. Accreditation

All Uzbekistan universities including Samarkand State Medical University are accredited by WHO and other leading organizations of the world that control healthcare services. You will get an accredited degree that will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a medical professional. Also, you will get the degree that you are dreaming of. Quality education with practical training will give you the confidence you need to find a lucrative job.

  1. International exposure

Uzbekistan universities have professional relations with other leading institutions of higher learning in medical science. They allow their students to join international research groups to gain more knowledge. Also, they form research groups in collaboration with other universities.

  1. English language

Uzbekistan universities use English as a medium of education. English is an international language that everyone speaks and understands. Also, it helps students communicate with the international community. Post-training, students easily get employed in the healthcare industry.


Uzbekistan is the right choice for MBBS in abroad. Here you will find many medical colleges with high world ranking. These colleges employ experienced teachers and they maintain high-end facilities to provide the right environment to students.