Do you wish to hire a Best Light Tower for your work site? Do you want to know the cost of hiring a lighting tower? Are you familiar with the qualities to seek in portable LED light towers?

Mobile and portable lighting towers are the ideal alternatives if you need to illuminate your construction site, an event site when the night falls, or if you require lighting to work inside. 

Portable lighting towers improve site productivity and safety by allowing you to see what you’re doing.

New environmentally friendly lighting options for towers are among the many products on the market. Each manufacturer of tower lighting has distinct attributes of their own.

Even towing light towers are available. Check out our guide on the crucial factors to consider when choosing a tower light.

  1. Light It Up

Consider the size of the space you are attempting to light. Is it in a building’s interior, a courtyard, a tiny construction site, or a parking lot?

The largest area that can be lighted will depend on the design of the light tower and the height of its mast. The tower light’s maximum coverage is listed in the product specs. The total area that can be lighted will be specified in the tower lighting specs.

  1. LED Or Metal Halide

Check the specifications to find out how many lamp heads the tower light has. New models typically have four or six. In terms of lamp heads, more is better.

Metal halide lights are good at uniformly lighting a space and can take up to five minutes to reach full illumination.

It implies that there won’t be any bright or dark spots on your property. But because LED lights use less power, they are more fuel-efficient. The light from LED lamps is more concentrated and focused.

  1. Power

Consider fuel efficiency if you’re looking to cut costs. Most tower lights are powered by diesel. 

However, if you searched for “portable lighting towers for hire,” “lighting tower hire near me,” or “lighting tower hiring pricing” on Google, you probably saw a lot of results for “eco tower lights.”

They are an alternative for any construction site that is environmentally friendly. 

It’s crucial to remember that some eco-tower lighting alternatives can only light up limited spaces. Diesel-powered lighting towers are the best option for lighting a broad region.

  1. Be Productive

Consider the location of the lighting tower before choosing a portable lighting tower to hire. You may make a better and more informed decision by considering all the factors, including power, site size, and whether you’ll work indoors or outside.

  1. Efficiency

A variety of tower lights are available for rental. They provide maximum efficiency and require little effort to build. 

These tower lights are ideal if you need additional lighting, particularly for roadwork, construction projects, site lighting, and even outdoor events.

  1. Safety First

You can be sure that a portable lighting tower has been professionally maintained if you rent one from a reliable company. 

However, ensure you have read all directions and guidelines provided by the hiring firm before using the tower light you have hired.


Keeping the above factors in mind, you can cost-effectively choose the perfect light tower for your worksite.

Source: 6 Tips to Choose a Mobile Lighting Tower