Whether it’s your first child or you have kids in a row, you always get to experience inevitable messes at mealtime. From spilling food crumbs to liquids to drool stains, mothers are tired of washing clothes all the time. Being a parent, we always search for hacks or essentials that are definitely a lifesaver for us. For this reason, baby bibs Singapore are among the top must-have essentials for moms. With this wonderful item, your little one’s clothes are protected from all stains. Moms and dads are always in search of baby stores that cater to all their needs. No doubt, our hearts start pumping faster when we see a baby store with all the adorable newborn essentials. Shopping for babies can be a little hard but once you find the best store, nothing can get in your way. Now, gear up to read our picks of the top 7 best stores where you can shop baby bibs in Singapore. 

Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed is a home to delightful newborn essentials. From baby bibs Singapore to adorable clothes to squishy toys, they cater to the needs of parents. Their baby bib needs no praise. The soft fabric with a comfortable neckline stays super comfy on your little one. Also, they allow you to personalize it with your baby’s name. So, along with being practical, it becomes a cute keepsake. Available in pink and blue colors, mealtimes are no longer messier. Pair it up with other goodies and provide a lovely present to new parents from Lovingly Signed.


With multiple locations across Singapore, Mothercare is all set to tailor to your gifting needs. This store has got everything that you are searching for. The store offers a huge variety of baby bibs that you’ll surely love. They offer a range of designs, themes, prints, materials, and colors. The bundle packs of bibs make it an even more budget-friendly choice for moms. Along with this, their other varieties of products are also highly admirable. Pamper the little one with beautiful essentials from Mothercare.

Little Bearnie

Tired of washing your baby’s clothes all the time? Say no more! Little Bearnie offers an exciting collection of baby bibs that you must buy now. They offer bandana bibs, silicone bibs, cotton bibs, and other delightful varieties. All their bibs are extremely cute and practical. With different prints and colors, you get a range of options to choose from. If you are looking for some functional gift hampers, Little Beanie has a beautiful collection that is built with their bestselling products. With gorgeous packaging, shop online today!

The Baby Closet

The Baby Closet is run by a family that strives to provide the best quality items for babies. With a commitment to deliver only quality products, the store offers babies the very best. The most hyped silicone bibs are easily accessible at this store. They include trendy designs and vibrant colors to make mealtime fun for babies. Here, you can find everything that fits your little one’s style and personality. With pretty, eco-friendly, and safe-to-use baby products, The Baby Closet is your one-stop shop for all gifting needs. 

Baby Kingdom

Baby Kingdom lets you shop online and also has an in-store showroom where you can access their remarkable variety of baby accessories. This is yet another wonderful store where you can find everything that you need for your wee one. Moms are in love with their extensive collection of baby bibs. Get bundle packs of their gorgeous bibs and save yourself from the hassle of washing clothes all the time. The prices at this store are very affordable. Baby Kingdom offers amazing products that prove to be a good value for money.

Kiddy Palace

Kiddy Palace is among those stores that can be easily accessed in Singapore. Thanks to their multiple locations, baby gift shopping has become a lot more convenient. Speaking of their variety, their baby bib collection will leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind. With contemporary designs, mealtimes are now cuter than ever. Pick whatever design, color, and material appeals to you the most. Kiddy Palace is a must-visit store.


Motherswork has a fabulous product range for infants and toddlers. They offer comprehensive bib collections with cute designs. Along with a captivating variety, they offer customization services to make it extra special. They also offer disposable bibs that are a huge game-changer. Shop online at Motherswork to enjoy a heartwarming baby gift-shopping experience. 


Bibs have managed to make mealtime an enjoyable moment for moms and babies. We are totally in love with baby bibs Singapore from Lovingly Signed. Their Gingham Bib is what your little one deserves on their birth. With a touch of personalization, it becomes the cutest addition to their nursery.