Ties are a classic symbol of style. They tell a lot about a man’s personality, who he is, and what he believes in. Casual Ties, Bow Ties, and Cuff Links are great accessories because they can jazz up a plain shirt or suit, but sometimes those are not enough. Men want something that can tell the story of their individuality, personality, and style. That being said, here is why 7 fold ties, are the only ties you will ever need to buy for the rest of your life.


1. Difference Between 3 Fold and 7 Fold Ties

Fold ties are a perfect example of the saying, ‘The right tool for the right job.’ They are functional and unique, yet they are still timeless. Buying other types of ties is optional when fold ties offer so much while being cost-effective. However, 7 Fold Ties are a sophisticated, modern tie style. It differs from the 3 fold tie in that it has three points of contact with your shirt and four folds total. This means that the 7 fold tie can hold its shape more effectively than the 3 fold tie, sometimes making it look like a triangle.


The 7 fold is a great choice for those who want the look of a traditional tie without the hassle of having to tuck it into their shirt all day long.


2. How to Fold a Tie


·        The Classic Knot

This is the most common way to wear the 7 Fold Tie and the easiest to learn. To get started, fold your tie half lengthwise, then cross it over itself so that the two ends overlap by about an inch (2.5 cm). Next, pass one end through the loop formed by its other end, as shown above. This will create a knot at the center of your necktie—you can adjust its size by pulling on either end. Finally, adjust your collar so it sits comfortably on your knot, or leave it open if you’d like!


·        The Four-in-Hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is one of the easiest ways to tie a tie. It’s also popular because it looks great with most suits and shirts. To create this knot:


  1. Start making an “X” shape with your tie around your neck so that both ends are equal.
  2. Take one end (the longer one) over and under the other end (the shorter one), then bring it back up through the loop created by your first pass through itself.
  3. Pull tight!


You’re done!


·        The Bow Tie

The bow tie is a classic way to wear a tie. It’s made by folding the fabric over on itself, then tucking the short, free end of the tie through the loop. This creates a triangular shape, which can be adjusted to fit your neck and collar. To wear a bow tie, pull on each side of the triangle until it comfortably fits around your neck.


3.   How to Take Care of Dress Ties For Men?

One of the easiest ways to stand out in today’s fashion culture is to add a new spin on an old classic. And while wearing Dress Ties for Men, you can give the standard necktie a fresh new look while still staying true to traditional fashion ideals.


·   Hang Your Tie To Dry

When you hang your tie, ensure there’s room between the tie and the hook so that it doesn’t get wrinkled when it dries.


·   Use A Steam Iron To Straighten Your Ties

If you have a steam iron, you can straighten your tie after it has dried. This is an effective way to keep your ties looking nice and crisp. Just be careful not to burn yourself or damage the fabric!


·  Don’t Overdry Your Ties

If you overdry your tie, it may become stiff and uncomfortable. So make sure not to leave them in the dryer for too long!


4.  The Perfect Accent To Your Look, No Matter The Occasion


Whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans, the 7 Fold Tie accentuates any look. It can be worn formally or casually and will always add that special touch to your outfit.


Whether you’re dressing up for a wedding with Groomsmen Ties or going out with friends, the 7 Fold Tie will add a bit of flair without being over-the-top. Tying with a suit adds just enough color to break up the pattern on your shirt and tie combination while still giving off a professional vibe that keeps things business appropriate.


Finally! Don’t Settle For Cheap Craft, Shop at the Best Tie Brands For Men with Confidence


Purchasing a quality piece of clothing that you can use to build your “essential” wardrobe is crucial. When purchasing ties, you need to be careful as there are a lot of cheaply made imitations on the market. By following these tips you can feel confident knowing that you have purchased a quality piece of fabric that will last for many years. Your next task is finding the right tie for your style at the Best Tie Brands for Men. With the creativity and customization available today, the options have no end!