The USA is a country full of history and filled with places that have a rich history in evolution. And there are plenty of places which amazes us with its astonishing history. The USA has a diverse culture in it. And the country has many historical landmarks that connect the strings between the countries. You can take the African American heritage bus tour to visit all the historical landmarks that connect these two diverse cultures. So, in this blog we will go through the historic places all over the USA.

Top African-American historical landmarks in USA:

1) Biddy Mason Memorial Park L.A:

It is one of the many amazing historical landmarks. Because it is built on the memorial of Biddy Mason, who was a slave but worked hard and fought hard to become one of the richest people in the country. He was born in 1818, and it is the story of an American who became a philanthropist and the property owner. And till his death he earned around $30ok which is equal to today’s $6 million.

The memorial is built to represent that nothing is impossible and what is the impact of the Biddy Mason in the Black history of Los Angeles. And that is why the black people visit the place to pay tribute to the one that spent 37 years without freedom. And she also created an orphanage that accepts the foundation and provides the help to the needy Childs.

That memorial is enough for anyone who is finding the motivation to go big. And after reading the story of Biddy Mason you will be so influenced to do anything.

2) Memorial of Martin Luther King Jr.:

Barack Obama is the president of the USA but the first black one. opens this memorial in the name of the king Martin Luther jr. And is exactly in front of the mall where he gave his historical speech. And the statue of the King is 30-feet tall.

The statue is made from a stone which was chosen from a competition. While the King is remembered for many great things. And this memorial is a great way to express the respect and pay tribute to the one that puts a lot of the effect on the society. So, that is the reason people visit. And remember the services of the black American. So, it also shows great respect to his civil rights moments. And how it makes society better.

3) ┬áNational Historic Site – Maggie L. Walker:

The owner of a newspaper and also the first American-African woman to own a bank. The name of the bank is St. Luke Penny Savings Bank. Her home gives plenty of power and motivation to the black women. And the home is well-structured according to the architecture of the American-African diversity.

If you are in Richmond or planning to go there then you should definitely visit this historical landmark. You can also visit the places by booking any African American heritage bus tour.

4) House of John Coltrane:

Whenever someone will talk about the American Jazz musicians then one name will appear in every mind which is John Coltrane. Because he is a renowned musician of his time. And he also got the award of “Pulitzer Prize” in 2007. Around 50 years after his death. The amazing jazz musician and when he is working in the factory, he buys that house. And when he was just 26.

He always visits the house whenever he gets a chance of it till his death. And now it is there as a historical landmark in the history of the black people. So, the black people can recognize their talents. And the people that make them proud in front of the world. So, if you are an enthusiast of visiting places with rich history. So, you should definitely take a tour. And it will give you a very mesmerizing vibe.

4) Historic District of Beale Street

Beale street is also one of the most important historical landmarks in the USA. Because in the 80s many black businessmen and clubs were there. Where the black people enjoy jazz music. And because of the tragic accident on the site, it is also becoming very important for the black people. And in their history. The tragic accident was the assassination of Martin Luther Jr. Because after his peaceful protest on the street in the favor of the workers someone kills him.

The congress declares this place as a historical landmark in 2020. And now the street is one of the pieces of evidence that shows how the black people love to contribute to the betterment of society.

7) Frogmore and Oak Alley Plantations

Making the black people slave was a bitter truth of the history in the USA. And one of these places where the black were living in the 80s. It shows the pre-civil war in America.

Although there are a lot of places to visit. But you should make a list of the ones that you can achieve. There are many travelers that offer visits to these kinds of historical landmarks. Because these historical landmarks show us the struggles of the previous generations.


The history of African-American is all over the country and you can visit all these places by booking any of the African American heritage bus tours. Secondly, the list of the most known and important historical landmarks for the black people is in the next paragraph. And to them.

The list of the most historical landmarks for the African-American people are 1) Biddy Mason Memorial Park L.A, 2) Frogmore and Oak Alley Plantations, 3) Beale Street Historic District. 4) John Coltrane House 5) National Historic Site – Maggie L. Walker.

So, these are the places where you should visit while you are looking for the historic landmarks in the country. Because these places will give you a lot to learn and feel.