Soda drinks contain a large content of sugar and other preservatives that has a negative impact on health. Consumption of more than normal sugar content or soda beverages may lead to health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle includes saying goodbye to your favorite soda beverages too.

However, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to soda available to add to your diet. Here we’ll discuss the facts about soda and what makes the drink unfavorable for your health.

Along with that, we’ll also discuss some of the popular healthy alternatives to soda that you can add to your diet to cut the cravings for soda.

Advertisements of soda from popular brands don’t show its adverse effect on your health. So, what makes it unfavorable?


What Makes Soda Drinks Bad for You?

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Soda beverages are nothing but sugar drinks that quenches thirst and cravings. Also, carbonation in soda makes it even more addictive to people and they constantly urge to soda. Mentioned below in the pointers are the reasons to skip sodas.

1. Increases acidity – Soda drinks are often related to increasing the acidity inside the stomach. When there is increased acidity in the stomach it leads to several other stomach issues such as ulcers and can also increase acid reflux.
2. Affects teeth – You must have noticed an eroding sensation on your teeth when drinking soda. It is because of the effect of the soda on the tooth enamel which encourages decay. When teeth are exposed to soda beverages for more than a day it leads to erosion of tooth enamel.
3. Harmful sugar intake – As you now know that sugar content in soda is very high, which will lead to an increase in sugar intake. As artificial sweeteners present in soda are said to have a negative effect on metabolism in appetite you should avoid soda for this reason.
4. Dehydration increases- Taking soda to quench the thirst for water is not ideal as these soda drinks are diuretics and contain a lot of caffeine. Caffeine is not suggested more than normal to the body which ultimately affects the water intake and replaces with soda consumption.

There is a lot of discussion and controversy available about carbonated vs non carbonated energy drinks differences, we have discussed a few negative impacts of non-carbonated drinks. Now have a glance over a few alternatives to these unhealthy drinks.


7 Healthy Alternatives to Soda

There are so many alternatives to soda that are low in calories and low in sugar. they are much more beneficial for health and are highly recommended. Mentioned below are the top seven alternatives to soda.

#1. Flavored Water

Consuming water flavored with natural fruits and flowers gives the feeling of satiety. Plus, they don’t contain any added sugar, so the chances of additional intake of calories.

That’s why it’s a healthier substitute for sugary soft drinks. They also contain electrolytes in flavored waters that provide your body with essential electrolytes, helping to hydrate your body healthily and naturally.

#2. Lemon Water or Juice

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Combing just a few drops of lemon into your water combines the refreshing taste of citrus, and surely it becomes a healthy option.

For those looking to make a healthier choice than a soda, lemon water is an ideal choice. It is also a great way to get a daily dose of vitamin C and can help with digestion.

Certainly, it’s one of the healthy drinks besides water for weight loss. So, this can be a great alternative to soda and will also be very beneficial for health.

#3. Milk

Milk contains essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, and Vitamin D that soda simply cannot offer. For example, drinking milk regularly can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Other than providing calcium and protein to the body it also is helpful in retaining the health of the teeth making them stronger and healthy. Thus, when it comes to the best healthy alternative to soda, milk is the best.

#4. Tea

As a healthier alternative to soda, tea has become increasingly popular. In recent years, the variety of tea flavors, colors, and styles has grown in popularity all around the world.

They are known to have healthy antioxidants, which are helpful in delivering calming effects. Herbal teas are free from caffeine and are an alternative to soda juices. Teas are also known to reduce the chances of any cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or stress

#5. Coconut Water

It is a refreshing, natural alternative to soda. Coconut water is full of nutrients and electrolytes that make it a great option for staying hydrated.

Not only coconut water can be consumed in different flavors this water is also low in calories which is safe to be consumed by all. Also, coconut water is commonly known as one of the cheap alternatives to soda.

#6. Soups

Soups and broths are known to have various nutrient content in them. They have vitamins minerals and electrolytes in abundance that counters bodily deficiencies.

Soda cannot fulfill all these nutrient content in our body, which makes it becomes one of the most favorable easy-to-consume alternatives to soda. Soups and broths are mainly taken during the colder season and are a great way to hydrate the body.

#7. Kombucha

It is for people who are looking for a healthy alternative to soda or carbonated beverages. Kombucha, an effervescent, fermented tea, has increased in popularity as a great alternative to sugary sodas.

Kombucha is typically made with a combination of tea, sugar, and a specific culture, and ranges in flavor from sweet to tart. In addition to supporting digestion and immunity, it contains beneficial probiotics.



So, with the discussion, you’ve got the idea that soda consumption meticulously affects health. Consuming Soda for a longer period of time leads to several health consequences and some of them can be life-threatening too.

That’s why it’s vital to switch to the healthy alternative to soda and maintain good health without having any adverse effects on health.

The healthy alternatives mentioned in the blog will help in the healthy replacement of soda. Also, try to change your lifestyle and combine your diet with nutrient-rich foods and essential vitamins.