hardcover book printing

As we all know, some professional design companies have made quite standard printing artwork. But some clients do not know how to format the artwork. They just make the size and layout as they want. So that when the files are sent out for printing, there are various problems that affect the printing. Today, I would like to tell you what problems should be paid attention to and handled in files for hardcover book printing?

Requirements for hardcover printing artwork are as follows:

1. No matter which software is used, please use CMYK mode for design and production. If RGB mode is used, color changes will occur when CMYK printing is switched. If it is not spot color printing, please do not use spot color.

2. The image resolution should not be lower than 300DPI. Because the image printed below 300DPI will not be so clear, affecting the printing effect.

3. After the final draft, please transfer the text to the path and upload it again to avoid being unable to print due to lack of fonts.

4. When prepare your printing artwork. Please reserve 3mm of bleeding outside the size of the printed product. If there is no bleeding, there will be white edges in case of deviation during cutting. And the text is more than 3mm away from the finished product line. Which is also to prevent bleeding error when cutting the content.

5. For black text or lines, please make them 100% black; If it is CMYK, it is easy to have inaccurate overprint.

6. For large areas of black, please use C40K100 to ensure black saturation.

7. Line width must not be less than 0.08mm

8. The spine content of case bound books can be designed. And we must add 15mm of bleeding to the cover, which will fold into the binding of the cover. Many customers only add 3mm bleeding on the cover, which is far from enough. If you are not particularly clear about the cover layout, you can contact us to make a cover template.

9. If there are processes such as hot stamping, bump, local UV, etc. on the cover. Please make a separate PDF for the elements to be processed and design it in black.

If you are not sure whether the files are suitable for printing. You can send us a few pages, will help to check if it is good for printing, if need any change will let you know in time.