Detroit is a favorite city for local startups and the tech community, as it is home to its headquarters and attracts top engineers, designers, product specialists, and marketers. The city’s numerous attractions and offerings attract many individuals considering moving to the area for their careers. Detroit is a fantastic location to live, work, and play, offering a diverse range of opportunities and experiences. As a tech community, Detroit is a must-visit destination for those seeking a dynamic and diverse work environment. If you want to travel to the city to see a variety of attractions, you may find cheap flights to Detroit and spend your weekends.

The startup scene offers endless job opportunities.

Detroit, the Detroit area, is uncommon today with numerous job options due to its booming startup culture. Michigan’s Detroit Regional Partnership predicts over 13,000 tech businesses employing 387,000 people by 2020, making it America’s upcoming tech powerhouse. Michigan topped the list of states for venture capital growth from 2016 to 2020, increasing by 886%.

 Detroit is a creative city.

Detroit, a top 10 innovation hotspot in the United States, ranks higher than cities like Chicago, Denver, and Portland. The Detroit region is renowned for its breakthroughs in the car sector, IT, and biological sciences. With over a dozen incubators and accelerators, Detroit is home to 75% of R&D investment in the American automobile sector. Information technology businesses make up over 40% of financed startups, while life science businesses make up over 20% of supported startups.

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Everyone can live in Detroit.

Southeast Michigan, with its diverse population, is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans, with Detroit being the most populated city with African-American-owned companies.

 Transportation is simple.

Detroit offers an expanding public transportation network, 2,300 miles of protected bike lanes, walkways, routes, and ride-sharing for commuters to choose their preferred mode of transportation.

 Country’s well-known cuisine scene.

National Geographic ranked Detroit as the best surprising food city in North America, ranking it at number 13. The city offers a variety of culinary offerings, including Detroit-style pizza, traditional American food like Coney Dogs, Eastern African cuisine, Michelin-rated meals, and authentic Mexican cuisine. Detroit’s culinary offerings tantalize taste buds, making it a popular destination for foodie enthusiasts in North America. 

Detroit’s living cost is lower than the national average.

Nerd Wallet ranks Detroit as the 69th most expensive US city, while San Francisco ranks third. Detroit’s around $448,490 median house price is attractive, while San Francisco’s around $1,473,216 median house price is higher. Boomerangs prefer the Midwest’s affordable living cost, making purchasing a home a practical way to maximize money and save for the future.

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We prioritize the community.

Detroit is a community-focused city with a strong historical and cultural foundation. Its diverse community organizations, including the Kresge Foundation, support Detroiters in addressing social and economic issues and gaining access to wealth, health, and opportunities. These organizations, such as Forgotten Harvest, TechTown, and Brilliant Detroit, work together to address food insecurity, arts, tech, and neighborhood issues. The greater Detroit metro region is a hub for community-focused efforts and a place to belong and thrive.

Centre for Culture and Arts.

Detroit, ranked among the top 10 underestimated cities for art enthusiasts, boasts over 30 art museums, including the sixth-largest Detroit Institute. Detroit is also a City of Design designated by UNESCO.

The building has stunning architecture.

Detroit’s structures, including Beaux Arts, Art Deco, and Midcentury Modern architecture, are considered pieces of art. Despite demolished structures, visitors can still admire these distinctive designs, including buildings by famous architects like Howard Crane, Minoru Yamasaki, and Frank Lloyd Wright. These iconic buildings are a popular attraction in the Palmer Woods neighborhood, making them a must-see destination for architecture enthusiasts. If you want to learn more about this city then book Cheap Detroit flights offer a variety of sights and delicious food experiences.