If you have just bought a new Cricut Mug Press, you are required to set it up using the common accessories you got with the machine. Cricut Mug Press works specifically with Cricut Mugs. You can create thousands of customized mugs using this tiny machine. In this blog, we will discuss everything about the Cricut Mug Press setup. So, be ready to learn all the new things related to your brand-new Cricut Mug Press.

What is a Cricut Mug Press?

Cricut Mug Press is a new companion in your Cricut machine family. As the name suggests, it’s a heat press specifically designed for mugs. This heat press lets you use all the vibrant colors to design your mugs. Also, the ink you transfer on the mugs absorbs quickly onto the surface to deliver a fresh touch. You can use infusible ink transfer sheets to cut the images for mugs. You can either draw designs using Cricut pens or markers.

The Mug Press box includes a USB cable to use with your computer or Mac. Also, design Space software will be required to set up your machine with your device.

What Do You Need to Set up the Cricut Mug Press?

To use Cricut Mug Press, you are required to use a Cricut machine like Cricut Explore, Cricut Joy, or Cricut Maker to cut your desired designs. But you don’t necessarily need a Cricut cutting machine; you can do it in other ways. Apart from this, you will need a StandardGrip cutting mat, weeding tool, fine tip blade, heat-resistant tape, infusible ink mugs, infusible ink transfer sheets, and lint roller to work with Mug Press.

How to Perform the Cricut Mug Press Setup?

To set up your Cricut Mug Press, you have to start with unboxing. In the Mug Press box, you will get a power cord and a USB cord to connect your machine to the power source. Ensure that all the items are there in the box. Connect your machine to the USB cord into the USB port at the back. For setup, you will need a PC or laptop to connect your machine to the USB port. Smartphones and tablets are not compatible with the Mug Press. Once you connect the machine to your device via a USB cord, turn the machine on.

After you are done connecting your Mug Press to the power source, let’s begin the activation using the following procedure:

  1. Go to cricut.com/setup.
  2. When the screen asks you to open Design Space, open it.
  3. If you are a beginner, download the Design Space and then launch it.
  4. Now, the screen will prompt you to set up/Activate your Mug Press.
  5. Then, tap Heat Press.
  6. After that, tap Cricut Mug Press.
  7. Follow all the additional directions on the screen.
  8. Once you complete the steps for 1-2 minutes, your system will perform a firmware update.

Finally, you set up your Cricut Mug Press on your PC. Now, you can move to make your first customized mug.

How to Create Your First Mug With Mug Press?

Prior to using your Mug Press, warm it up. If the machine isn’t warmed up, switch on the power button to let it heat. You will notice the power button turning orange while heating. When it gets fully heated, the light will turn green. The Mug Press has an auto-off feature that turns off the machine once it is fully heated.

Also, the machine will make a beeping noise while turning the machine off. After that, switch on the power button to use your Mug Press. Here is a small brief on how to make the first mug with the Mug Press.

Step 1: Choose Your Design From Design Space

When you keep your Mug Press to heat, visit the Design Space and choose your design to transfer to your mug. You will get many pre-made designs in the Design Space. Otherwise, you can create a unique one. When you select a design, choose the mug size and edging.

Step 2: Click the Preview Button

When you have selected your design, you can preview it before finalizing it. Then, once you have selected your mug size and edging, tap Customize. Now, you are free to customize your mug by using images or texts of your choice.

Step 3: Add Images or Texts

To customize your mug, you can add images or text. Add an image by clicking Images from the left sidebar. Select the image and insert it. You can modify the image according to your mug shape. To place the design on both sides, click Duplicate.

After that, you can adjust your design and tap on the small icon with the Layers panel. Now, select your design and tap ATTACH. Then, tap on the Make It button. Then, tap the mirror slider inside the cutting mat. Now, choose your infusible ink transfer sheet and insert the cutting mat following the infusible ink pattern facing upwards. After that, insert the mat into the Cricut machine.

Step 4: Weed Out the Excess Infusible Ink

Now, you need to remove the excess infusible ink from the design. Your design should only have a clear plastic backing. After that, use a lint-free cloth to clean your mug. Now, slowly wrap the infusible ink around the mug. Overlap the clear plastic inside the handle. After that, ensure that the transfer sheet adjusts perfectly on the mug once you place it.

Then, ensure that the surface of the transfer sheet is smooth to prevent bubbles. Plus, you can use heat-resistant tape to set the design on the mug.

Step 5: Warm Up Your Mug Press

If you are using the Mug Press for the first time, connect your Mug Press to your PC and register your machine. Turn the power on. When the light turns green, you are all set to use your machine.

Step 6: Heat up the Mug

Once you have warmed up your Mug Press, load your mug into the Mug Press. The handles stay uncovered. To cover the handles, press down the lever at the top of the Mug Press. The lights on your machine will tell the status of the heating process. When your mug gets heated up, your machine will make a beep sound.

When your machine makes a beep sound, open the press by lifting the lever. Now, keep the mug on a cool surface. Once it gets cooled, peel off the infusible ink to reveal the design.

That’s it for the Cricut Mug Press setup.

You learned how to make a customized mug using a Mug Press. Design Space plays an important role in creating a desirable design and running the machine. Hence, you need to set up Design Space too. Then, enjoy making lovely & customized mugs and cups.


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