Champagne is undoubtedly the national pride of France, which is incredibly renowned worldwide. The term Champagne is a synonym for luxury. Champagne is a massive industry, and it is popular in various counties as a celebratory drink. Over 300 million bottles of Champagne are sold each year around the world. Champagne always makes an appearance in classic movies and sporting events.

There are many things we know about Champagne, such as – cheap Champagne Singapore is a wine with many bubbles in it, or it has its origin in France. But what else? Can we honestly explain what exactly Champagne is?

This blog will answer some of the most common questions about Champagne that might help you to know more about the luxurious drink.

The location where Champagne is made? 

Champagne is made explicitly in the northern area of France. If you drink a bottle of Champagne made in any other country, then it is not considered Champagne by law.

The types of grapes are used in making Champagne? 

Most wineries use three types of grapes while manufacturing, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Other grapes used in manufacturing are Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris.

Why is Champagne so expensive? 

The method of making Champagne is known as the méthode traditionelle, and it is a complex and time-consuming method. The wine requires two fermentation cycles and comparatively larger storage than other sparkling wines. Champagne needs a specific climate to make it a high-quality wine. All these factors make it one of the most expensive drinks.

Is cheap Champagne any good? 

Indeed, larger supermarkets and online stores sell Champagne at low prices as they order them in bulk, making it easier for them to sell those at discounted prices. These cheap champagnes only have cheap rates but serve a high-quality experience.

What is the ideal food to pair with Champagne? 

Champagne is a unique drink you can pair with any food item. But some menus are exclusively designed to pair with various things such as fish, chips, and creamy chicken. Other foods that enhance your champagne experience are oysters, fish and chips, cheese boards, caviar, fried chicken, and Macaroni cheese.

What are the different sweetness levels in Champagne?


  • Flavor: Quite dry
  • Sugar level: Less than 6 grams per liter


  • Flavor: Dry
  • Sugar level: Less than 12 grams per liter

Extra Dry

  • Flavor: Off-dry
  • Sugar level: Less than 17 grams per liter


  • Flavor: Sweet
  • Sugar level: Less than 50 grams per liter


  • Flavor: Quite sweet
  • Sugar level: about 50 grams per liter

How should Champagne be stored?

When storing the bottle of Champagne, temperature and light are the most crucial factors. You need to store the bottle of Champagne similar to other wines. SLay the bottle horizontally to keep the cork moist. Store it in a cool and humid environment away from bright light.

Champagne and Grand Cru wines are the best drinks to enjoy with friends and family on special occasions like Christmas, the New Year, or anniversaries. A glass of Champagne is perfect for every celebratory situation. Good luck in enjoying your champagne moment. Cheers!