New World, the exhilarating online multiplayer game, presents players with a thrilling challenge when it comes to leveling up their gathering skills. To excel in Logging, Mining, Harvesting, and Skinning, you’ll need a blend of dedication and the perfect approach. A crucial aspect of your success is equipping yourself with the best tools for the job, which necessitates an investment in engineering to access Iron and Steel tools. Furthermore, crafting muskets and reaching level 50 in engineering can significantly boost your progress.

Additionally, interactive maps play a pivotal role in helping you locate valuable resources, making your gathering endeavors not only more efficient but also more enjoyable. By harnessing the power of these maps, you can pinpoint prime farming spots, ultimately streamlining your progression in the game. New World Coins is an essential financial support for players.

Level 100 Logging: Mastering the Forest

Reaching level 100 in Logging is an achievement that requires time and unwavering persistence. Once you hit level 50, you gain the ability to chop down mature trees. However, as you progress, it becomes more efficient to simply chop down every tree you encounter, whether mature or young. Distinguishing between the two takes more time than you gain experience from chopping them all down. You might even find yourself accumulating more Aged Wood from mature trees than you can process, and it’s perfectly fine to drop the excess to continue your farming without being encumbered. Crafting an axe that provides bonus XP for logging is a smart move to expedite your progress.

Level 100 Mining: Unearthing Riches

Leveling Mining to 100 can be a bit challenging due to the competition for farming spots. While you can mine random boulders scattered throughout the world, the most efficient way to level up your Mining skill while also advancing your smithing is to find a high-yield silver spot. One favored location is right outside Brightwatch, where you’ll discover a mountain with approximately seven accessible nodes. Keep in mind that silver is quite heavy, but the proximity to town ensures that even if you become overencumbered, you can make a slow walk back to unload your valuable haul.


Mastering gathering skills in New World is a gratifying endeavor that grants you access to valuable materials and resources. It may be a gradual and challenging journey, but with the right tools, strategies, and an unyielding determination, you can achieve level 100 in Logging, Mining, Harvesting, and Skinning. Additionally, integrating the New World Gold aspect into your gameplay can enhance your overall experience and further enrich your journey in this immersive online world. Dive in, and become a gathering legend in the world of New World!

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