You can choose to get a Perth firewood delivery or you can choose to be totally miserable, get in your truck, drive to the firewood manufacturers, get your truck loaded, unpack the wood, carry it in or out, store and stack it and feel exhausted. Plus you still have to clean up. A firewood delivery makes so much sense. You order the amount of firewood you need, they bring it to you, they stack the firewood for you, and they clean up after themselves if there is any mess to clean up. Firewood deliveries are not that much more than if you drove to fetch the firewood on your own, and if you buy in bulk, which makes sense to do, then there is usually no fee on the delivery. So it is a win win situation. You get the firewood delivered, you are buying from source and so you know the quality of the firewood is good and that the firewood is ethical, you are getting wholesale prices as you are buying from source, and you have saved yourself a bunch of time. Why would anyone not get their firewood delivered?

Keeping track of firewood stocks

Nobody but you knows how much firewood you use. If you have a regular firewood delivery then they get to know that you place an order every six weeks, or before the start of winter, or once every three months, or once a week. If you build up a relationship with your firewood delivery person they will remind you that it may be time to build up your stocks. And let’s face it, nobody wants to run out of firewood on a cold winter evening.

Use a reliable firewood stockist. Get the right Perth firewood delivery from the start, firewood that burns well, has a lovely aroma and is ethically manufactured.